Providing Shelter and Safety
Of all the gifts a volunteer can give, fostering probably is the most precious. Our foster homes are the backbone of ISR. The number of Shorthairs we can save directly depends on the number of foster homes we have.

There’s a special satisfaction in personally helping a foster on the journey to a better life. As you help our rescues transition from their previous lives to their forever homes, they reward you ten times over. While fostering is added work, there is such joy in knowing that you gave a GSP who would have been euthanized a chance to find a forever family who will love and value him/her.

You may feel that fostering is beyond your abilities, but maybe not. Our foster dogs are a grateful bunch who don’t ask for much…just a safe, secure environment and a little help in preparing for their new life. Many GSPs coming into rescue are frightened, underweight, and may have forgotten their house manners. As a foster parent, you provide kindness, basic training, and exercise. ISR provides food, vet care, a crate, and all the advice and moral support you need. Our goal is to match you with a foster dog that fits well with your home and lifestyle. Your time commitment depends on you. Even fostering for a week or two is a huge help to us.

Just like potential adopters, foster homes are evaluated before an orphan is placed there. Since you will come to know the orphan better than anyone, you will play a major role in evaluating potential adopters and making sure the orphan goes to the home best suited for him/her. If you want more information, contact ISR.