We are so grateful to the generous folks who have donated to and otherwise helped Illinois Shorthair Rescue. Our efforts to rescue and find forever homes for our orphans would not be possible without your support.

There are many responsibilities and procedures essential when rescuing orphaned and neglected dogs; in our case, German Shorthaired Pointers. Collaborations with qualified veterinarians, trainers, and businesses that believe in us and support our mission are critical to our continued success.

Our rescues come to us from many different backgrounds and situations, countless of which make it imperative for them to receive appropriate veterinarian assistance immediately upon entering our system.  Immediate medical care must often be administered before they can go to their arranged foster home. Without the kindness and commitment of our veterinarian partners and their staffs, ISR would not be able to fulfill a key principle of our mission: to save German Shorthairs in need.  Our veterinarian partners provide professional, expert services at discounted prices that include immunizations, microchipping, spaying/neutering, heartworm intervention/prevention, surgeries, consultations, etc. All of which are invaluable to us as a rescue organization that is operated solely by volunteers and financed through donations and fundraisers.

Similarly, after receiving essential medical assistance we often discover many of our rescues require moderate to extensive behavior training to help them understand commands and behaviors that will be acceptable in situations they will find in their new “furever” homes.  Professional trainers and their staffs are essential in this phase of developing our rescues’ behaviors to meet the needs of their new families. Socialization, safety and control, and even fun activities are all a part of what makes a rescued dog an “adoptable” dog. We’re extremely fortunate to have such professionals assist us in this step of helping to mold our rescues into loving and disciplined family companions.

Illinois Shorthair Rescue is also very fortunate to have business partners and collaborators who share our vision and our mission.  They believe in us and support us in our work on a business level. These partners share their professional resources and knowledge to help us further our goals and mission.  They are creative, reliable, and committed to providing us outstanding professional services within their respective fields. We are extremely grateful for these partnerships and look forward to our continued work together.  

The continued commitment, generosity, and hard work of these veterinarians, trainers, businesses and their staffs, allow us to further our mission.  A mission we believe brings endless happiness and comfort to our rescues, and ultimately, to their new forever families.  

Thank you.

Vet Partners

Sponsors & Trainers

ISR wishes to thank all of our special friends who donate to help our cause. Your gifts make our work possible! As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, all donations are tax deductible. If you would like to join our efforts, please click on any one of the Donate buttons found throughout our website.