Adopting an orphaned German Shorthaired Pointer can be one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll have. Please keep in mind GSPs require structured exercise and need to be challenged mentally. Shorthairs that face boredom can quickly become quite the mischief makers.

After entering the program, all our GSPs are spayed or neutered, health checked, given age-appropriate vaccines, dewormed, heartworm tested, and microchipped. They receive monthly heartworm preventative. While awaiting adoption, our Shorthairs are fostered in private homes where we evaluate their behavior, work on house manners, obedience, crate training, and provide a safe and loving environment.

Our goal is to place each GSP in a home best suited for that individual dog. We take into account all family members including children, other dogs and/or cats, yard area and fencing. We will NOT allow our GSPs to be adopted into a home where they will be an outdoor dog. Some of our rescues may be able to serve as good hunting companions, but many may not. Our first priority is to place our orphans in homes where family companionship is the most desirable attribute.

We give preference to GSPs and adopters in our serviced areas. We consider qualified applicants in Illinois, Michigan, and Indiana when we have a volunteer available for a home visit but will NOT conduct long distance adoptions. To find a GSP rescue in an area that is not covered by Illinois Shorthair Rescue, visit National GSP Rescue (

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