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Izzy – fostered in Michigan

Gunnar side 1
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Gunnar side 1


Izzy is good with other dogs, but not frisky dogs who will pester him all the time.  Family with older children.  Unsure if good with cats.  Will need to continue medication for low thyroid function.  Best in a home without multiple stories and stairs.


Izzy is the cutest older GSP gentleman ever!  He has the sweetest face and eyes that tell you right away he wants to be loved and to give love in return.  He’s almost all liver colored, is about 11 years old and weighs about 55 pounds.  We’re not sure what Izzy’s life was like before coming to ISR, but we do know he was “dumped” at an unmanned oil station and after about a week someone contacted animal control to have him picked up.  Izzy couldn’t have been happier to see a kind person to save him from his situation. 😊

Izzy currently lives with 3 other GSPs and peacefully co-exists with them as long as they don’t get too rough with him or accidentally hurt him by bumping into him.  When they do he simply snaps at the air and barks just to let them know they need to be more careful.   Izzy hasn’t shown any aggressive behaviors toward the other dogs or his people.  He’s a quiet guy and hasn’t really shown too much interest in playing with the other dogs in doggy play.  He will, however, play a low-key game of fetch once in a while as long as it’s with a toy that doesn’t bounce around too much.

Izzy shows moderate prey drive and would probably give chase to a squirrel or small animal if he didn’t have to run too far or fast to get it.  However, if he can get a squirrel up a tree he doesn’t mind sitting for a bit and giving the squirrel a piece of his mind by barking at him and letting him know he better stay right where he is!  Since he’s a senior fellow his get up and go isn’t what it used to be…but don’t let Izzy’s age fool you!  He still has a a lot pep in his step and enough energy to go for short leash walks each day.  To see just how active and peppy he can be, check out his video above where he’s showing his toy who’s boss! 😊 Izzy does suffer from some orthopedic issues as a result of his age and shouldn’t be permitted to run long distances, play fetch for too long, or even be expected to jump into or onto higher places (SUVs, trucks, tall furniture, chairs, beds, etc.).  He’s not fond of stairs but can do them if needed.

Izzy loves people and will do well in a home with older children who won’t be rough with him and who will understand he requires gentle petting and gentle ear rubs.  Cuddling with someone or being near enough to get a lot of attention makes this boy very, very happy.  His foster mom says Izzy thinks that if you’re sitting down your doing so specifically to pet him…constantly. Just like most of Velcro GSP dogs. If he needs to go outside and you don’t notice his cues, he’ll do something just a “bit naughty” to get your attention…like nibble on a plant or pull a paper off the table.  He makes sure he’s close enough to you that you’ll notice and when you do, he immediately heads to the door.

Izzy is a bit slow to adjust and accommodate to new surroundings, but when he finds out how much he’s loved by the people he’s with, he’s as loyal and loving as they come.  Once he settles in he’s pretty laid back and quiet, but if he’s unhappy or bothered by something he’ll bark to let you know somethings amiss.  Training Izzy to commands won’t be a high priority for his new family as he already knows “come,” “sit,” and “no.”  He’s also food motivated so if his new family does need to help him adjust to new surroundings and boundaries, treats and food will be the perfect motivator.

One of the things that Izzy’s foster mom has found incredibly cute about this guy’s personality is his love of having his head under a blanket.  He absolutely LOVES his blankets!  If you’re looking for him and can’t find him, be sure to look under the nearest blanket.  That’s likely where you’ll find him.  His foster mom says they really should have named him Linus because he’s so attached to a nice warm blanket. 😊

A quiet home life is what Izzy is best suited for.  A family that has a relatively quiet home with older children (or none).  He might make an ideal pet for an older couple (or single person) who are looking for a loyal, loving pet to share their lives with.  He won’t do well in a home with a lot of loud/fast activity and where a family is gone all the time.  After all, if his new family is gone all the time he won’t be able to share what is so perfect about him…the love he has and wants to share with a family that looking for the same thing.

If you’re ready to enjoy a lot of love and loyalty from this sweet boy, please complete our  Online Adoption Application.  It’s the quickest and best way for us to learn of your interest.

  • Izzy is up to date with routine shots and is house trained.

  • Izzy is altered.

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Penny – fostered in Illinois

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Gunnar side 1
Gunnar side 1


Penny must have a fenced yard and a family who will spend a lot of time at home with her. Loves children.  Gets along well with other dogs BUT is a dominant female and if homed with other dogs they will need to be easy-going and less assertive.  NO cats.


Penny is a 3-year-old liver and white ticked female who weighs about 52 pounds.  She gets along well with other less assertive (non-dominant) dogs, having lived with her full sibling sister prior to coming to ISR; she ignored other dogs when she had her Vet visit.  Penny is NOT good with cats and may also be the wrong pet to have if you have other inside smaller pets (very small dogs, rabbit, gerbil, guinea pig, etc.)

Penny is a high prey drive GSP and loves to chase squirrels and other animals you’ll find in a wooded or backyard setting.  When she isn’t looking for small prey to chase and hunt, she likes to play with Kongs and antlers.  Antlers are probably her favorite toy and when she’s not cuddling with her people, she can often be found chewing on her favorite antler close by.  Once in a while Penny will play fetch, but she doesn’t always get the idea of what this game is really about; however, if you look at the video above, she’s learning and is starting to show interest in this fun game!

Penny is definitely a people dog, and her fosters say she “loves kids!”  A family with children 4 and older would be a great match for our little Penny, however, toddlers may accidentally be hurt by her playfulness.  When the children she lives with now leave the house, Penny will run from window to window to watch them…no doubt wishing she could also go with them on their adventures.

People are her favorite past time…anywhere they are, she wants to be with them.  She loves to snuggle with them on the couch…closely 😊 and does experience separation anxiety when her people are gone.  Actually, separation anxiety is Penny’s leading behavioral issue right now.  Her fosters have only had her for a couple of weeks, and they’ve been experimenting with methods to help Penny with when left alone and her crate training.  They’ve discovered that if she’s in her crate and they leave the bedroom door open, Penny’s anxiety is better.  They’ve also been giving her small doses of medication to help calm her during her stressful times in the crate when away from them.  Crate-training is a work in progress and continued training may be needed in her new home.

Penny is very food and treat motivated and after going outside to “do her duty” she knows exactly where to go to get her reward for being a good girl.  It didn’t take her long at all to figure out that potty outside = treat inside.  Penny hasn’t shown any food or toy aggressions with her people or other dogs. 😊  She’s a smart little girl and tries very hard to please her foster family.  Penny knows her name, “sit,” “come,” and she’s learning “lay down.”  Her foster mom said she doesn’t believe Penny had a lot of formal training but seems eager to learn.  Penny and her new family may benefit from attending obedience classes with her as a way to help her learn simple behaviors and commands (with consistency) and as a bonding experience.  Many high energy breeds like GSPs seem to benefit from the mental stimulation and physical exercise they’re exposed to in these classes.

Like the majority of GSPs, Penny will need a lot of exercise, play time, AND a fenced yard.  A family that wants to include her in their outside activities will be a plus for her!  She likes to take long leash walks and has already learned her daily walking route…so much so that she knows when to turn and which way to go! Smart girl little Penny.  Walking is a lot of fun for Penny but she’s still learning it’s not as much fun for her person if she pulls too much…but she’s getting better with each walk. 😊

Our little Penny is a sweet GSP that needs a family willing to spend a lot of time with her.  Leaving her alone for long periods of time is not recommended.  Her foster mom says “Penny is very smart, sweet, loving, and fun!  Penny would love to be in a home with children and/or grandchildren that visit often.  She has learned so much in just the two weeks that I’ve had her.”

Finding a penny on the ground can have a special meaning to some people.  “It represents new beginnings, the start of a new chapter and a fresh start.”  So, if you’re looking for the special penny that makes you think of this rhyme, “find a Penny, pick it up, all day long, you’ll have good luck”, then maybe you’ve just found your lucky Penny in our ISR Penny.  If so, please complete our  Online Adoption Application.  It’s the quickest and best way for us to learn of your interest.

  • Penny is up to date with routine shots and is house trained.

  • Penny is altered.

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Max & Rudy

Gunnar side 1
Gunnar side 1


Max and Rudy should be placed together if possible as they have a bond.  They are both very good with the foster family’s 3 other dogs.  Rudy has enjoyed running and playing with them.  They’ve all been interacting together very well.  However, Max would prefer not to be bothered by energetic dogs, who might get in his face or possibly knock him down.  He prefers to stay in the background and take it easy.


Max and Rudy’s (human) Mom were tragically killed in a house fire.  Thankfully, these two boys survived.  The family was unable to care for them and surrendered them to ISR.  Since they’ve been in our care (ISR) both dogs have been checked and are in good physical condition for their ages.

Max is 60 pounds and 13 ½ years old.  As a senior dog, he has some of the common ailments that can be found in most senior dogs.  He has some difficulty standing on smooth surfaces, which may be improved by fitting him with toe grips (Pawz Friction) or nail caps (Purdy Paws).  The foster family has area rugs, which gives Max the necessary confidence to maneuver about their home.  He also has some fatty tumors (lipomas) that are benign and don’t bother him at all.  Also, his sight isn’t the best, but he seems to move about just fine.

Max is very friendly and enjoys being with people.  He doesn’t show a lot of interest in other dogs.  He is happy to find a spot on the couch or in a dog bed on the floor to relax or nap.  If you’re sitting with Max petting him and then stop, he’ll place his paw on your arm for you to continue petting him.

Rudy is smaller at 50 pounds and younger at 10 years old.  Rudy constantly wags his tail and likes to play.  Like Max, he also has some fatty tumors (lipomas) that are benign and don’t bother him at all.  As expected, he’s a bit more agile than Max and he’s happy to engage the foster family’s other dogs with toys or bones or just running through the house.  Rudy also likes to carry his bowl around for a bit after he eats.  If he drops it, he’ll use his paw to help him pick it back up. 

The level of excitement is adorable when Rudy and Max know they’re going outside for a walk.  They truly love being outdoors.  They both pull very little on their leashes.  The foster family uses a simple harness, which works well.  They’ll spend lots of time looking for critters, birds or anything else scurrying about near them.

Both Max and Rudy have a low-medium prey drive and it mostly shows up when outside near wooded areas.  The foster family lives near wetlands, which has kinds of interesting critters.  They would not be good with critters or cats in the house.  Their foster family doesn’t have children and neither did their previous home, so we’re unsure how they would be with children younger than 12 years old.

Both gentlemen do well in a crate.  Also, neither of them has any food or toy aggressions.  They are both so easy-going.  Neither of them has ever marked in the foster family’s home even though they have an intact male.  Both know basic commands such as “sit” and “stay”, and Rudy will even go to the door to let you know when he needs to go outside.

According to the foster family, “Max and Rudy are the easiest dogs we’ve ever fostered.  They are super sweet and easy going.”

Are you the family that wants to give Max and Rudy more years of love and fun?  They’d love to have a family to love him as much as they’ll love you!

If you want to adopt Max and Rudy…two senior GSPs that are sweet, loving, and looking for a permanent family to love them, please complete our Online Adoption Application. It’s the quickest and best way for us to learn of your interest.

  • Max & Rudy are up to date with routine shots and is house trained.

  • Max & Rudy are altered.

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Brody – fostered in Indiana

Gunnar side 1
Brody face


As a senior gentleman, Brody will require some TLC and people who understand his medical needs.  A family who has a big heart and lots of love to give this sweet guy. Gets along well with dogs and has been around cats and doesn’t seem too interested in them; however, supervision with cats is recommended.


Brody is approximately 12 years old and hasn’t had the best life.  He was surrendered to a shelter by his owner and eventually found his way to our loving rescue people and skilled Veterinarians.  Since he’s been in our care (ISR) he has received the absolute best medical care and is gradually getting over some of the immediate medical issues he had when he arrived.

Brody was heartworm positive, but he has finished his heartworm treatment now and shouldn’t experience any long-term issues related to this illness; however, as he’s still recovering from this difficult, painful treatment, he will need to be kept fairly calm for roughly the next 6 months.  Too much exertion during this restorative period of time will have an adverse effect on Brody’s recovery, but he’ll still be happy to enjoy the family during short, leisurely leash walks with them while he recovers.  He’ll also need to be on a leash for his bathroom breaks.

As a senior dog, Brody also has some of the common ailments that can be found in the majority of senior dogs.  He has some difficulty standing on smooth surfaces, which may be improved by fitting him with toe grips (Pawz Friction) or nail caps (Purdy Paws).  He also has some fatty tumors (lipomas) that are benign and don’t bother him at all, along with slightly restricted movement due to arthritis in his hip and lower back. He takes medication for hypothyroidism which has proven to help him greatly.  Gosh… sure seems like older dogs age much the same as us humans. 😊

Luckily, even with the minor “old age” medical annoyances that affect Brody, it’s obvious how much this boy still enjoys life!  He’s consistently one of the happiest and mellowest old gents we’ve been lucky enough to enjoy as part of our rescue efforts.  The staff at the Vet’s office and his fosters frequently talk about him with such affection and after reading what they submitted for this story, it’s simple to see how easy he is to love.

Brody is good with other dogs and cats; however, he’s pretty curious when the cats dart away from him.  He’s a low-energy boy who is happy to crawl up on the couch to watch the world go by and then drift off for a nap. 😊 His foster doesn’t have children, so we’re unsure how good he is with them, but to be safe, we’d recommend he not be homed with children younger than 12 years of age.

If you’ve continued to read to this point about our sweet Brody, then we know you undoubtedly have a BIG heart and a BIG love for dogs…no matter the age or the circumstances.  Brody has so much to offer the right family.  The fosters and Vet staff have so many nice things to say about this boy.  They told us that “Brody is a very sweet, loving, happy boy who loves mealtime!  He also loves attention but isn’t needy or demanding.  He’s kind of like a bull in a China shop and we’ve affectionately dubbed him ‘our big lug’.”

Are you the family that wants to give Brody the best life he can have as a senior gentleman?  He’d love to have a family to love him as much as he’ll love you!

If you want to adopt Brody…a loving, senior GSP that is sweet, loving, and looking for a permanent family to love him, please complete our Online Adoption Application.  It’s the quickest and best way for us to learn of your interest.

  • Brody is up to date with routine shots and is house trained.

  • Brody is altered.

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Gunnar side 1
Gunnar side 1


Riggs is a young GSP, and will require a family that can give him a lot of exercise and snuggle time.  A home with dog savvy cats would be fine.  He is good with other dogs and all people.  No young children or toddlers due to his high energy and rough playfulness.


Riggs was found as a stray south of Indianapolis. He wasn’t neutered and no one claimed him. The shelter he was at wanted to make sure he got a great home, so they surrendered him to ISR. He has been neutered and is heartworm negative but, unfortunately, he tested positive for Lyme disease. He is currently being treated and shouldn’t have any issues going forward. His foster mom is a veterinarian and in 32 years of practice has never seen a dog develop long term problems. There is a less than 1 % chance of any issues developing. He should be monitored via urinalysis to check for protein every 6-12 months but otherwise shouldn’t need any other care.

He is about 2 years old, weighs 55 lbs. and gets along with dogs of every size. He is curious about the cats in his foster home but just chases them if they run. He doesn’t seem to want to hurt them. He does like to point at them in their cat room, though! A home with dog savvy cats would be fine. He does have some separation anxiety that his foster family is working on. He is crate trained, house trained and knows “sit”. He is a typical GSP in that he has two speeds “on” and “off”. He needs a fenced yard or a hiking/running buddy so he can get some exercise when he is “on” and prefers to be on the couch when he is “off”. He loves to snuggle in the human’s bed, but his foster family has too many other little dogs to let him do it a lot. He gives up quickly and heads to the couch. He is a super affectionate dog and loves to be with his family. He is very food motivated and that makes him easy to train but also leads to some resource guarding. He is fed in his crate and that solves any food guarding issues but he also seems to guard certain toys (balls mostly). He isn’t great on a leash but with his food motivation he should be easily trained to walk on leash better.

Riggs is a handsome and loving fellow and can’t wait to meet his forever family!

If you want to adopt Riggs…a handsome, loving GSP that is looking for a permanent family to love him, please complete our Online Adoption Application.  It’s the quickest and best way for us to learn of your interest.

  • Riggs is up to date with routine shots and is house trained.

  • Riggs is altered.

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