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Brody – fostered in Indiana

Gunnar side 1
Brody face


As a senior gentleman, Brody will require some TLC and people who understand his medical needs.  A family who has a big heart and lots of love to give this sweet guy. Gets along well with dogs and has been around cats and doesn’t seem too interested in them; however, supervision with cats is recommended.


Brody is approximately 12 years old and hasn’t had the best life.  He was surrendered to a shelter by his owner and eventually found his way to our loving rescue people and skilled Veterinarians.  Since he’s been in our care (ISR) he has received the absolute best medical care and is gradually getting over some of the immediate medical issues he had when he arrived.

Brody was heartworm positive, but he has finished his heartworm treatment now and shouldn’t experience any long-term issues related to this illness; however, as he’s still recovering from this difficult, painful treatment, he will need to be kept fairly calm for roughly the next 6 months.  Too much exertion during this restorative period of time will have an adverse effect on Brody’s recovery, but he’ll still be happy to enjoy the family during short, leisurely leash walks with them while he recovers.  He’ll also need to be on a leash for his bathroom breaks.

As a senior dog, Brody also has some of the common ailments that can be found in the majority of senior dogs.  He has some difficulty standing on smooth surfaces, which may be improved by fitting him with toe grips (Pawz Friction) or nail caps (Purdy Paws).  He also has some fatty tumors (lipomas) that are benign and don’t bother him at all, along with slightly restricted movement due to arthritis in his hip and lower back. He takes medication for hypothyroidism which has proven to help him greatly.  Gosh… sure seems like older dogs age much the same as us humans. 😊

Luckily, even with the minor “old age” medical annoyances that affect Brody, it’s obvious how much this boy still enjoys life!  He’s consistently one of the happiest and mellowest old gents we’ve been lucky enough to enjoy as part of our rescue efforts.  The staff at the Vet’s office and his fosters frequently talk about him with such affection and after reading what they submitted for this story, it’s simple to see how easy he is to love.

Brody is good with other dogs and cats; however, he’s pretty curious when the cats dart away from him.  He’s a low-energy boy who is happy to crawl up on the couch to watch the world go by and then drift off for a nap. 😊 His foster doesn’t have children, so we’re unsure how good he is with them, but to be safe, we’d recommend he not be homed with children younger than 12 years of age.

If you’ve continued to read to this point about our sweet Brody, then we know you undoubtedly have a BIG heart and a BIG love for dogs…no matter the age or the circumstances.  Brody has so much to offer the right family.  The fosters and Vet staff have so many nice things to say about this boy.  They told us that “Brody is a very sweet, loving, happy boy who loves mealtime!  He also loves attention but isn’t needy or demanding.  He’s kind of like a bull in a China shop and we’ve affectionately dubbed him ‘our big lug’.”

Are you the family that wants to give Brody the best life he can have as a senior gentleman?  He’d love to have a family to love him as much as he’ll love you!

If you want to adopt Brody…a loving, senior GSP that is sweet, loving, and looking for a permanent family to love him, please complete our Online Adoption Application.  It’s the quickest and best way for us to learn of your interest.

  • Brody is up to date with routine shots and is house trained.

  • Brody is altered.

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Hoyt – fostered in Michigan

Gunnar side 1
Hoyt sideview
Gunnar side 1


Hoyt gets along well with other dogs, but we’re not sure about cats and children.  Fenced yard will be best for Hoyt and a family that can give him quality time and a quality life.


Our Hoyt is considered an older gentleman at 9 years old, but as you can see from the above video, he should be called 9 years young!  He’s a very handsome black and white ticked GSP and weighs about 80 pounds…a good sized GSP for sure. 😊

Hoyt gets along well with other dogs as long as they’re not too aggressive in their play. He likes his dog friends to have manners and a few boundaries during playtimes; WrestleMania is not his cup of tea.  A game of chase with other dogs suits his taste and he’s great at sharing toys and treats with his doggy friends, too.  As a larger GSP, his new family may want to supervise his playtime with any dogs that are quite a bit smaller than him.  As we said, he isn’t overly zealous in his play with other dogs, but a very small dog may get hurt during play with Hoyt, although it would be unintended.

Hoyt isn’t fostered in a home with children, so we’re unsure if he really enjoys them or not and it’s the same for cats.  He does, however, seem fairly prey-driven when he’s in the backyard around all the little critters that come his way.  He’ll bark at them when he sees them and would give chase if allowed.  When he’s on a leash and sees prey, he lunges toward them and seems extremely interested.

Hoyt’s foster mom says he is a medium energy GSP and doesn’t require a ton of exercise activities to keep him happy, but he really LOVES a good long leash walk.  His fosters haven’t tried any activities that require him to chase (balls, frisbees, etc.) because they’d rather he drop a few pounds first to ensure he doesn’t injure himself during this type of play.  He’ll gladly give a Nylabone a run for its money, especially his T-Rex Nylabone…managing to tame the T-Rex into a docile Stegosaurus (allegedly the friendliest dinosaur).

Sadly, for Hoyt, he’s been rehomed twice due to divorce in the homes. Amazingly, these upheavals haven’t seemed to make a lasting impact on him because he doesn’t experience separation/anxiety issues.  As I said…Amazing!  He’s crate-trained, but like most GSPs, prefers to be with his people.  He knows a couple commands including, “sit” and “come,” and will eagerly catch a treat from you if you’re willing to give it a toss.

It’s evident Hoyt has been “spoiled” a little bit in his past.  He likes people food and sleeping in bed with his people.  At bedtime, if he’s in bed with his fosters, he has a knack of faking “selective hearing” if they have the nerve to ask him to move. 😊

Overall, Hoyt is a genuinely great GSP that would love a family who will give him the stable, loving home he so deserves.  He’s managed to maintain a sweet disposition and loving, cute personality in spite of his background of losing two previous families…through no fault of his own.  His foster mom says he has absolutely no issues and will make the right family a loyal companion and family pet.

If you want to adopt Hoyt…a loving, senior GSP that is still loads of fun and has a lot of energy, please complete our Online Adoption Application.  It’s the quickest and best way for us to learn of your interest.

  • Hoyt is up to date with routine shots and is house trained.

  • Hoyt is altered.

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Willie – fostered in Michigan

Gunnar side 1
Willie with ball
Gunnar side 1


Willie gets along well with other dogs AND cats.  Still a puppy and will require a fenced yard and a family with a lot of “puppy patience” who can spend a lot of time with him.


Willie is an extremely handsome white and liver male GSP year-old puppy with all the typical GSP hallmarks; he’s funny, snuggly, loving and has tons of playful energy!  Check out the video of Willie above.  When he needs to go outside, he grows excited, paces, and occasionally whines to let you know it’s time to “head for the door”. 😊 At night Willie sleeps on a dog bed in the bedroom but come early morning you can usually count on him to wake you up with a tiny bit of begging in the hopes you’ll let him into your warm bed to get some good morning snuggles.

Willie plays very well with other dogs and hasn’t met a dog he doesn’t like yet. His fosters have another GSP that Willie has accepted and seems to love.  When the neighbor’s Yorkshire Terrier barks at Willie, he just looks at him and walks away.  Good boy, Willie! 😊  Willie also gets along well with his foster family’s 22-year-old cat and doesn’t seem to mind when the cat shares Willie’s lounging areas.  His fosters don’t have children in the home, but he has been with a toddler and appears to be calm and interested (based upon a photo ISR has of him in a home prior to coming to our rescue).  At this time, however, since he’s not being fostered with children we feel we should say we’re not certain how he’ll react with children.

Willie loves to play fetch and chomp on bones and plush squeaky toys. Like many dogs, he needs some supervision if you want to ensure the stuffed animals stay in one piece…or at the very least, two pieces. Lately Willie has been a bit more “merciful” with his stuffed toys and doesn’t seem to be destroying them as often, if at all.  Willie is still very much a pup, even at 1 year old now (as of April 24th) and loves, loves, loves to play with a ball or his toys.  He’s learned to bring a toy to his foster mom and if she doesn’t play with him, he’ll hold the ball/toy in his mouth and bark/howl while he’s holding it and paces back in forth in front of her.  According to foster mom, the entire scene, and the noise he makes is all pretty hilarious.  He loves playing fetch and will bring the ball right back to his person!

Willie is a typical GSP in that he’s very smart and wants so much to please his people.  He’s also food motivated, which makes it easier to train him.  Some of the commands Willie knows include, “sit”, “down”, “wait”, “stay”, “kennel”, and “release”.  He seems to do especially well when told to “sit and wait” at the door until he hears “release” so he can go outside; however, according to his fosters, “Willie’s stays won’t win any awards…yet.”  But remember, he is still a young GSP. 😊

Willie has a fairly high prey drive and if given the opportunity, he’ll quickly give chase to squirrels and other backyard animals.  He doesn’t’ pull excessively when on leash walks but could take his walking partner by surprise if they aren’t paying attention, especially if he spots one of those dastardly squirrels flaunting their charms on his walking route.

Willie’s crate-training has improved so much over the last few weeks! 😊 His foster mom is currently weaning him off all anxiety medications that have been helping him relax when he has to be crated.  The entire crating experience is becoming less and less of an ordeal and more of a natural thing for him to do; consequently, his anxiety is lessening every day, too!  His foster mom is hoping to have him entirely weaned off of these medications soon now.  Another practice Willie’s foster mom has adopted to help ease his crating anxiety is to arrange a period of time for a good workout and exercise routine prior to crating him.  A tired Willie is a less anxious Willie. 😊 Willie’s foster mom feels an exercise routine prior to crating him has been one of the biggest aids for helping him through his anxiety.

Willie has shown he’s very happy with another dog in the house and with his people home most of the day.  Any home Willie goes to should have a family where someone is home at least part of the day.  They don’t have to be home all day but being gone for 8 hours or more a day will not be a good fit for this boy.  He’s a true Velcro GSP who loves his pack…humans and animals alike. 😊

Willie’s foster family truly loves this adorable, fun-loving pup!  They’ve sent us word saying, “Willie is sweet and very loving and will do best in a home with another dog that likes to play and run.”  Playing and running will be a very necessary part of Willie’s life.  All GSPs require more than the normal exercise that many owners experience with other dog breeds, and a GSP puppy is happiest when he’s well-exercised and mentally stimulated.  Quiet time is sundown for this boy and he’s quick to find his person or his foster mate to snuggle up with for the R & R he’s earned after his day.

If you want to adopt a GSP puppy and have an abundance of love, time, energy, and patience to help Willie become the well-round adult GSP we know he has the potential to become, please complete our Online Adoption Application.  It’s the quickest and best way for us to learn of your interest.

  • Willie is up to date with routine shots and is house trained.

  • Willie is altered.

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