The Application Process
Our goal is to place our orphans in permanent, forever homes. Please be sure you can commit the time and resources needed to care for your dog long-term.  We will consider applicants in adjacent states if we have a volunteer available for a home visit. However, we do not have the resources to do long distance adoptions. Our adoption fees reflect the vetting and other care we give all our orphans.  Beginning May 1, 2012, our adoption fee is $325.  Any adopter who provides proof of successfully completing an obedience class within six months of adoption will receive a $25 refund on their adoption fee.

We will contact the vet you list on your application to make sure current/previous dogs are up to date on vaccines and heartworm preventative.  Please authorize your vet to share this information with us.

Read the adoption application carefully and complete it fully. Our application helps us get to know you and helps us find the right dog for you. You may submit your application online, by mail or by fax. Our mailing address and fax are listed on the bottom of the MS Word application form.

Once your application is received, a volunteer will contact you to discuss your application and what you are looking for in a dog. Please be patient; we are all volunteers, so it may take up to a week for you to be contacted. 

We will check your references and contact your regular vet to make sure that any current or previous pets have been kept up to date with vaccines and monthly heartworm preventative. ISR strives to control the pet population, and we will not adopt to homes with animals that are not spayed/neutered. 

If the phone interview, vet information and personal interviews are positive, a volunteer will contact you to schedule a home visit. The home visit is a vital part of the process, and its purpose is to meet the potential adopter and get a feel for the home environment. We ask that all family members be present for the home visit. 

Once the above steps are completed and you have been approved, you may meet and get detailed information on any of the orphans in our program. Prior to the actual adoption, we require a signed adoption contract and payment of the adoption fee.

You should know:
The adoption fee is non-refundable and serves to reimburse ISR for the costs invested in your new GSP. If the placement doesn’t work out, we require the dog be returned to our care. We will take any of our rescues back, regardless of the reason. We ask for a minimum of two week’s notice for us to find foster care for the dog. We reserve the right to refuse any applicant.

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