Please complete this questionnaire as accurately as possible. Please do not be offended by any of the information ISR seeks. ISR is only attempting to match your desires with our needs and the needs of numerous homeless German Shorthairs, all of which have unique personalities and physical conditions. You are encouraged to use extra paper for additional information, if needed. The more information you can provide, the more likely everyone will have a satisfactory volunteer experience and relationship. After reviewing the information you provide, the ISR Volunteer Coordinator will contact you regarding your time availability and the volunteer activities in which you have expressed an interest. Please Note: ISR has the right to refuse any volunteer applicant.

You should also know that there is much satisfaction involved in saving the lives of these intelligent and proud and sometimes silly animals no matter what role you play in the rescue process! There are many ways to lend a hand and a few hours of help can make an enormous difference in the life of an orphaned GSP.

Illinois Shorthair Rescue greatly appreciates your time and effort. ISR cannot be responsible for any animal or non-animal related accidents, injuries or illnesses incurred while performing duties related to the rescue. If you are under 18 years of age, we will need written consent from your legal guardian before you can act in any volunteer capacity