VETS, trainers, & partners

Abell Animal Hospital - 6032 Northwest Highway, Chicago, IL (Norwood Park)ISR is very excited to partner with Abell Animal Hospital.  Abell Animal Hospital has been in operation for over 30 years, is committed to working with animal shelters and rescues, and encourages prospective pet owners to consider adopting a pet from one of these groups.  ISR's partnership with Abell Animal Hospital provides Chicago-area fosters closer access to skilled veterinary services for the German Shorthair rescues in their care.  For the convenience of pet owners who work during the day, Abell maintains evening office hours.  They are open until 7:30 p.m. on weekdays, and until 3:00 p.m. on Saturdays.  To learn more about this excellent team and their services, vist their website at

Rising Sun Veterinary Clinic - Des Plaines, IL
Rising Sun Veterinary Clinic plays a crucial role in assisting with vettting some our our rescues.  Drs. Chris and Lisa Serpico are always more than accomodating for our needs, and we truly appreciate all of their efforts.  Rising Sun has a professional, gracious staff that always provides a comprehensive, integrated approach to veterinary care.  To learn more about the professional staff and services at Rising Sun Veterinary Clinic, visit their website at 

Downers Grove Animal Hospital & Bird Clinic
A few years ago, ISR was very happy to welcome the caring Vets and staff of Downers Grove Animal Hospital & Bird Clinic to our list of partner clinics. Downers Grove Animal Hospital has served the western suburbs of Chicago for over 60 years, and ISR is extremely appreciative of their continuing support of our efforts as we work together to rescue German Shorthaired Pointers.  To read more about the staff and services offered by the Downers Grove Animal Hospital & Bird Clinic, visit their website at

Laketown Animal Hospital - Springfield, IL
Laketown Animal Hospital is an accredited member of the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), and we are pleased to have them as one of our partners in the central Illinois area.  Partnership with Laketown allows ISR to offer more immediate vet services for the rescues that come from the Springfield/central Illinois region.  Part of Laketown's mission statement indicates they wish to "provide our clients with access to cutting edge products and services as well as authoritative educational content focused on enhancing the human animal bond."  Learn more about Laketown Animal Hospital by visiting their website at

Animal Medical Center - Indianapolis, IN
ISR is very grateful that the Animal Medical Center supports our efforts when we have a rescue in the Indiana area.  We only have a few rescues and adoptions in Indiana; however, whenever we are in need of veterinary services for those few rescues, we can always depend on the team at the Animal Medical Center to come to our assistance.  Their website states that their mission is simple: "We are dedicated to state of the art diagnostics and treatment at reasonable cost to our clients."  Learn more about their services and professionals at

VCA Heritage Hospital - Savoy, IL
As ISR's presence in central Illinois grows, we're very happy to welcome VCA Heritage Animal Hospital in Savoy, IL, just outside Champaign-Urbana. As ISR acquires more foster homes and veterinary partners in the central portion of Illinois, we are able to save more orphaned GSPs.  VCA Heritage has provided veterinary services for the Champaign-Urbana area for nearly 40 years. Their friendly staff works to offer excellence for all pets and pet parents alike.  For more information about this valued partner, visit their website at

Countryview Veterinary Clinic - Champaign, IL
ISR is happy to welcome Countryview Veterinary Clinic as another new partner in the central Illinois area.  Acquiring a corps of professional veterinary providers in this region allows us to provide better care for GSPs rescued in this area of Illinois.  Countryview Veterinarians "understand the special role your pet plays in your family and are dedicated to becoming your partner in your pet's health care.  We treat your pet as we would our own."   The Countryview Veterinary Clinic website offers a link to a Pet Medical Library.  To check out this educational resource and learn more about the team and services at Countryview, visit their website at

Tailchasers Incorporated - Palatine, IL
Even the best rescue dog sometimes needs a little help with their training!  That's why ISR is so grateful for the expertise of trainer Randa Lyn Clark of Tailchasers Incorporated. Randa heads a family-owned business designed to help people discover, develop, and nurture the human and animal bond with their pets. She has helped several of our rescues get ready for life in their new forever homes. If you are looking for an effective and experienced trainer, as well as dog walking and obedience classes, be sure to visit the Tailchasers Incorporated website at

Round Lake Animal Hospital - 24431 W Highway 134, Round Lake, IL
It’s with extreme pleasure that we announce our partnership with Round Lake Animal Hospital.  The staff at Round Lake has a long-standing reputation for being helpful and welcoming and is comes highly recommended by their clientele.  ISR is extremely grateful for their efforts on behalf of our rescued German Shorthaired Pointers.  Round Lake Animal Hospital offers many services for your pets, including:  Wellness Exams, Spay or Neuter, Advanced Diagnostic Services, X-Rays, Internal Medicine, Ophthalmology, Cardiology, and Neurology.  Their service area is extensive and includes the communities of Ingleside, Grayslake, Lake Villa, Fox Lake, Lindenhurst, Round Lake, Gurnee, Lakemoor, Antioch, Libertyville, Mundelen, Round Lake Beach, Wauconda, Spring Grove, Johnsburg, Lake County and surrounding areas.  Their Illinois locations are in Round Lake, Spring Grove, Rockford, and Poplar Grove.  To read more about their staff and services visit their website at

BridgePoint Technologies -  Oak Brook, IL
An attractive, functional website is a must for a non-profit German Shorthaired Pointer rescue organization like ours.  Our fantastic site would not be possible without the generosity and expertise of the professionals at BridgePoint Technologies.  Based in Oak Brook, IL, BridgePoint is a leading IT consulting firm offering clients a broad spectrum of IT related services.  ISR and all of our GSP orphans sincerely appreciate everything they have done for us and our website.  For professional IT services and contact information please visit their website at