As an organization of volunteers, we are immensely gratified as each and every one of our GSP orphans is rescued and placed with their new forever families.  It’s such a pleasure to publish Happy Endings stories and pictures about our rescues with their new families. Good luck to all of them, and thank you so much to all the ISR volunteers and adoptive families that continue to make our mission a success.

If you've adopted one of our ISR orphans and you don't see your story and pictures on this page, please feel free to email us your happy endings story and pictures to ilgsprescue@aol.com.  We're happy to have you as part of our new family and would love to publish your story on this page.

RiRi - New home and new best friends!

We are so happy and beyond grateful this little sweet girl is now apart of our family. Buck took a little bit to warm up to her, but now they are like Bonnie and Clyde (two little rascals in a pod). Her separation anxiety was pretty bad at first, but little by little, she is building trust in us and has gotten much better! She was pretty frail when we first got her but now she's getting strong and filling out nicely. She's especially fond of her new mom, gives tons of kisses and could cuddle all day! We love her so much!

Tessa - healthy and happy! smiley

Welcome home, Tessa!  Tessa came to us as our first official foster dog from ISR, but it didn’t take us long to realize our home would be her forever home.  She came to us with some issues – heartworm positive, raw-looking tumorous growths on her eye and hip, and a little bit of a back hip issue; but, even with all the problems, she was, and is, one of the sweetest GSPs we’ve ever had in our home – and we’ve had many.

As I look back at my initial expectations when she arrived, I have to laugh.  I knew it would be very, very hard for my husband to let Tessa leave our home once he laid eyes on her.  He has a huge, soft heart for animals, and especially dogs.  Even though I cautioned him she’d only be here a couple of weeks, I could see in his eyes he had very different plans.  Right away I nicknamed Tessa, Tessa Maybe…meaning Maybe she’d stay and Maybe she wouldn’t.  I was determined our first foster wouldn’t result in us being “foster failures.”   I just kept telling myself that within a couple of weeks, she’d be adopted by the ideal family in the ideal home.  Boy was I wrong.  We didn’t think we could have another dog with Cooper, the GSP already in our home.   Cooper has Addison’s disease and is very easily upset by any change in her life (life-threatening to her), and we weren’t successful in our previous attempt to adopt a puppy from ISR.  But what I didn’t account for was the fact that Tessa, with her extremely laid-back, sweet personality, would be the perfect addition to our home with Cooper.  Cooper accepted her immediately and it was like Tessa had lived here all of her life. 

I really can’t say enough good things about the Illinois Shorthair Rescue organization.   Without their commitment and continued efforts to rescue orphaned GSPs, especially those like Tessa that require extensive medical attention and care, many of these special dogs would never get a second chance for the life they deserve.  ISR was well aware Tessa would require extensive and lengthy medical attention, which would also incur large medical bills for the organization; however, they still rescued her and made sure she received the care she needed, despite the costs.  From the beginning of Tessa’s rescue, ISR was fully committed to making her well again, which was a very long, painful journey for Tessa.  Heartworm is a horrible illness and it takes several, painful treatments to kill the worms once they take over a dog’s system.  After the heartworm treatments, when Tessa was strong enough, it was time for surgery on her eye and hip.

So, here we are, about 8 months later, and Tessa May is still here.  She’s loving, happy, healthy, loyal, sweet, adorable, precious, and last but not least…ours.  Thank you to everybody at the Illinois Shorthair Rescue who work so hard and are incredibly devoted to making sure German Shorthaired Pointers in need are given the second chance they deserve.   Oh, and Tessa wants to thank you, too…”Woof! Woof!”

Bill, Kristy, Cooper and Tessa

P.S.  If you’ve taken the time to read Tessa’s story, please consider volunteering and/or donating to the ISR to help them continue their work.  You’ll find links throughout the site that allow you to complete a volunteer application, as well as links for making donations.  Also…PLEASE take the necessary steps to prevent Heartworm in your pets.  Heartworm is an easy disease to prevent.  However, once contracted, heartworm treatment is costly…not to mention extremely painful, and sometimes deadly, for your beloved pet.

Ralphie (was Rascal)
According to Ralphie's new owner, Paul, Ralphie was just too perfect to let go.  That's right, Ralphie arrived with Paul and his family a couple of weeks ago as a foster dog, but his status changed quickly. The family immediately fell in love with Ralphie, and Ralphie with them as soon as he arrived.  It was quickly decided that Ralphie wasn't going anywhere. Ralphie even has a best friend in his 4-legged brother, Henry.  They're inseparable! Congratulations to everybody!


Mo - A heartworm positive success story!

How many of you remember this handsome GSP?  Mo, affectionately called Moses by his foster mom, came to us as a heartworm positive orphan.  As with all heartworm dogs, the treatment was hard on Mo, but he made it through it with flying colors!  We received an update from Mo's new family telling us they had just returned from the Vet and Mo has been cleared for activity and there are no foreseeable complications for him down the road. Hooray for Mo and a great big thank you to Mo's new family for having the courage and foresight to adopt one of our heartworm positive dogs, knowing that he'd still make a perfect companion.  We're happy to know that Mo will have a long and happy life with his new family!  As a reminder to our readers: Heartworm can be prevented!  Please make sure you treat your dog with the recommended Vet approved preventative. If your dog contracts heartworm, it's a very costly treatment and is extremely hard on your dog as he/she goes through the treatment.


Weston is adopted!  This beautiful GSP didn't last too long with ISR, which is what we always strive to achieve.  Rescue, vetting, short-term fostering, and then finding the best possible home for our beloved orphans.  Weston found his forever family and it looks like he's going to be one happy GSP.  His new family describes him as "huggable cute", and we couldn't agree more!  Good luck Weston.

This beautiful little girl is Anzia, a litter mate of Fergus...the pups we rescued several months ago.  Anzia will have 3 human siblings (one sister pictured) and a happy mom and dad, too!  Of the four pups that ISR rescued, Anzia was the last one to find her family, but as the old saying goes, sometimes the best is saved for the last.  We believe this could very likely be the case with Anzia.  Have fun in your new home, Anzia.  We know how happy your new family is to have you.


After being rescued from an animal abuse situation, Harriet found her special forever home with a family and another GSP named Greta.  The GSPs are more than happy to be together, whether it's for a walk, run, or just cuddling with their people.  Congratulations Harriet!  You deserve all the best, and it looks like you found it.


Brandy and Ruger
Brandy and Ruger were adopted together by a great family that already had one dog, but felt they had room for 2 more!  How amazing is that?  Brandy and Ruger couldn't be happier, and it appears that the children are also pleased with the new additions to their family.  We couldn't be happier for all concerned.  Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen!


It seemed like our little "Chip off the ole' block" waited a very long time before he was scooped up by an amazing family, but what a happy dog he is now!  His proud new dad is working on training him to hunt and says that Chippy is having lots of fun in the process. Chippy gets to go on a lot of walks and rides with his family and stays busy most of the time, which is heaven as far as GSPs are concerned!  The family recently sent us an update and thanked us for bringing Chippy into their lives.  So we want to thank the family on behalf of Chippy, too!  smiley


Our sweet little Gracie has found her forever home with a beautiful, loving family and a cute little Pug.  Just look at how happy she looks!  As a senior, Gracie was with ISR for a bit longer than a younger dog might be, but we're sure the wait was well worth it for her.  At her "meet and greet" the family brought her treats baked especially for her, and when she got home they hid balls all over the place for her to find.  Gracie has really taken to the youngest of the four children.  They sleep together, run together, and Gracie doesn't let her new best friend our of her sight anytime she's home.   Congratulations to all! 


Jack SR and Gunnarson
Merry Christmas to Jack SR and Gunnarson!  These lucky guys were adopted by the same family and everybody is delighted!  Christmas time is full of miracles - at least for this family and two great GSPs!  


Several months ago, ISR rescued a mama GSP and her pups.  Little Bochi, now called Fergus, was the first pup to find his forever family.  The Herbeks adopted him in September 2015, and we are happy to say he’s turned into a fun, happy, perfect GSP!  He adores his family and they adore him!  The family is kind enough to send us lots of pictures of this guy along with some very humorous stories!  Check out the video of Fergus and his brother at Christmas time as they dance the Conga line around the living room.   Thanks Herbeks!



Hooray for Lucy!  All of us at ISR couldn't be happier after hearing the good news that Lucy was adopted and has a wonderful new family!  It took longer than we had hoped, but as with so many good things in life, the best are worth waiting for.  And Lucy is proof of that. Lucy's new family sent a fantastic update a couple of days ago with these words, "She is absolutely amazing!  We love her so much already. What a sweet girl!  Of course, we are spoiling her...new toys and two new beds.  My husband bought her a nametag shaped like a heart with rhinestones on it.  LOL.  We can't believe her previous owner gave her up. His loss is our gain!"  Thanks so very much to Lucy's new family who saw the love in her eyes and didn't let her age deter them.  Also, a big thanks to Lucy's foster family who kept her safe and happy while she waited for her new family!


Leo has a new family!  Our lucky Leo landed with a wonderful family and now lives in Crystal Lake with a new mom, dad, 5 kids, a year-old Lab and a huge yard!  It's apparent Leo hit the jackpot!  Just think of all the fun this GSP is going to have in his new life! Thanks to everybody who helped in getting this guy where he's going to be so happy!


Mallorie didn't last too long with ISR.  She was recently adopted and is shown here with her new English Setter sibling.  Mallorie now lives in Danville and we are so grateful to her new family, and, as always, her foster parents, too!  Good luck Mallorie

Moose a.k.a. Pete II
Moose's new family sent wonderful innformation recently about this lucky pup.  Moose gets to run with his dad everyday - to and from different dog parks.  He also takes long walks with his mom and dad in the evenings.  Additionally, they said, "All of the lovely descriptions you provided us with him being an absolute lover without a mean bne in his body could not have been more accurate and thank you for all you've done to bring him into our lives - we are extremely grateful!"  Thank you to the Baylors for adopting from ISR!


We're a little late spreading this happy news, but wanted to show you all how happy Scout is with her forever family.  Here she is with her sister, Paige, and also living the good life doing some sun bathing on the deck.  Her family is thrilled to have her join their family and hope to hunt with both girls this fall. Thanks to Scout's foster family and her new family for making this another GSP happy ending!


Haddie a.k.a. Izzy
Haddie (formerly Izzy) is happy, happy, HAPPY!  And why shouldn't she be?  She found her forever family and a wonderful new life. She's now a "downtown running dog" and her family loves their new "city pointer." Thank you so much Tim and Holly for loving Haddie as much as we're sure she already loves you!  And, of course, thanks to Haddie's foster family, too!




Clancy has found his forever home!  Clancy was the first GSP that ISR rescued from a puppy mill in Ohio.  The poor guy had a rough journey, but we're sure he's going to be just fine now!  Congratulations to Clancy's new family, and a great BIG heartfelt thank you to everybody wiorking behind the scenes - donors, transporters, sponsors, fosters and ISR volunteers -  to get this guy to safety and to his new family.  We couldn't do it without all of you!  Have the happy life you deserve, Clancy!

Gunther a.k.a. Sam Elliott
New family and new fun is what Gunther was thinking when his life was changed forever by this group of wonderful guys - and another GSP, too!  Happy trails predicited for this lucky GSP.  Thanks to everybody involved in yet another happy ending!



Remember this big, beautiful guy?  He wasn't with us long, and has found his forever family...including his beautiful full liver colored sister GSP, Diva.  He was recently adopted by Bill and Chris who also adopted Diva from ISR almost a year ago  Bill and Chris agreed to foster Moose while the original foster parents took a brief vacation.  Well, it was love at first sight and Moose is a permanent member of the household!  Another happy ending for all involved! Thanks everybody!


Remmi has a new forever home with a lot of happy children to play with her!  She was such a good girl at her meet and greet with her new family, too!  This little girl sure has come a long way in such a short time.  From being a sad puppy mill dog to a new, proud GSP family member!  Good luck Remmi, and thanks to your new family for accepting you into their home!

Here's a special report from Soleil's foster mom about Soleil's new family.
"I just wanted to share the great news that Soleil was adopted tonight! The family was so nice and so excited to add her to their family. She was even letting the boys pet her which is so amazing to me, knowing what she came from. She has come such a long way since I met her 3 months ago and I am so proud of her!  Her new mom can't wait to start taking her to obedience class and would eventually like to have her trained as a therapy dog.  Such big plans for my girl!  And the boys just kep saying that they thought she was awesome!  Her new, older fur sister was trying hard to get her to play, too.  It seemed like the perfect fit for her.  Before I left, she had made herself at home in her new crate and looked happy and content.  Although there is still work ahead for her and her family, I think she's going to have an amazing life."
Congratulations Soleil to you and your new family!


Donner has been adopted and is happy, happy, happy!  Donner's new family drove all the way from Michigan to meet this boy.  They must have had a feeling that he was the one for them. Donner was with us for a while, but after meeting his new family, we know the wait was worth it!  His new family recently sent a note saying that Donner and their son are already best buds!  Way to go Donner and thanks to your new forever family, too!


Hooray for Buckshot!  He didn't last too long as an orphan.  Once his foster family had him for a short time, they decided they just couldn't let him go!  Congratulations to everybody!


From Mike and Laura, Trigger's new family.  "Hello all!  We are so grateful to have the opportunity to foster and eventually adopt Trigger. In the 4 months or so that we have had him, he has come out of his shell and has taken great strides in adapting in his new home. He always wants to be by us or on is, lol. He tends to sleep on my chest in the evenings.

We are looking forward to bringing him with us to the lake to hopefully help him get over his fear of water. He is such a good boy and has been readily accepted by my Lab, Jackson, and my girlfriend, Laura's, Beagle, Daisy."

Hank II
Hank II found his forever family over the 4th of July weekend!  Lots of special celebrating going on with Hank II and his new mom, Dorothy!  His foster family hated to see him go, but they know Hank II is one big, happy GSP in his new home!  Thanks to everyone who had a hand in making this happen

Look!  It's Jamie with her new forever mom.  Jamie is another one of our adorable orphans who found her new home with her foster family!  Jamie was so sweet, that her foster mom, Marie, decided she just couldn't part with her.  Jamie is a lucky lady to have found her new home in just one move!  Thanks Marie!


Here's a picture of Cali with her new forever family. Jim and his wife are so excited about adopting Cali into their family, and ISR believes this is a perfect match! They understand German Shorthairs and they have a lot of family that will be visiting and keeping her company. We think Cali is going to be one happy GSP!

Gertie a.k.a. Patsy
Gertie - now Patsy - didn't last long as a rescue with us.  Her foster family quickly adopted her!  Her foster mom calls Patsy "her first foster failure...she came for the weekend and is staying forever!"  Obviously, this isn't a failure at all, but a true success story!   Patsy's not too keen on having her picture taken, but she wants you to know that she's very, very happy to be adopted!  Thanks so much to Patsy's new forever family. First for adopting sweet Patsy, and secondly, for continuing to foster for ISR as we rescue GSPs.

Gus a.k.a. Buster
Buster - now Gus - didn't last long as a rescue with us.  His foster family quickly adopted him and he's so happy, and so are his new family members! Gus has two older brothers (one furry and one human).  As you can see from these photos, Gus is now a bonafide Chicago Blackhawk's fan and eagerly watches each game with his new family!  GO HAWKS!!!!!


Jebadia (Jeb)
Jeb was a pretty young little guy when he arrived in our care.  Abour a year old, very sweet, but a bit nervous about his new environment.  After a short time with his foster parents/families (Thanks Kristi, Stephanie, Marie, and Marie's parents!) he's been adopted by a lovely family in Chicago.  Jeb's new family has previous GSP experience, a fenced yard ,and a "stay at home" mom!  His new "grandpa" used to train police dogs and is happily sharing tips with Jeb's mom.  Jeb is one lucky guy!  Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen for him!

Rocky came to ISR after an owner relinquish.  They had to move and, unfortunately, couldn't take Rocky along.  He was recently adopted by a special family in Union Grove.  They traveled all the way to Lansing ,Michigan to adopt this pretty boy!  Rocky's enjoying his new family and new life.  Rocky knew a few tricks when he came to ISR - like knowing how to imitate a wink , and he loves playing frisbee. We're so very happy for Rocky and his new family. Also, a BIG thanks once again to to Trisha for fostering this special guy for ISR!


Baron's foster mom, Trisha, recently sent us some good news about Baron.  Here it is, in her words.  "It is official, Baron is in his new home! He is making himself at home already and is really going to be a happy boy. Below is a picture of Baron with his new dad, Doug.  What a feat it was to get this picture...too many happy GSPs and one very curious one...Baron was sniffing everything trying to get acquainted with his new home. We tried to get a picture with the other dogs, but that just wasn't going to happen.  I am so glad I was able to be a part of this experience. I think that I have made a new friend with this fellow GSP lover and he's already talking about getting all of our dogs together for play dates. Happy to know that I will be able to stay in contact with Baron too, because I sure do love that boy!"  A big THANKs to Trisha, Ruth, and Doug and his family for finding it in their hearts to help Baron when he needed it most.

A great big CONGRATULATIONS to Sunny and her new furever family!  Sunny stayed with ISR for a while because she was heartworm positive and also a senior lady, but we knew that her furever family would be along soon and give her the love and comfort she so deserves.  Sunny was recently adopted by a loving family living in Warren, MI.  This is what Sunny's new family has to say about her.  "She is such a sweet girl.  I've been calling her my lovely lady.  She just really wants to please us.  We got a great family picture last night with her welcome sign in the background.  We feel so blessed to have her. "  And we know Sunny is feeling very blessed, too.  Thank you to all who helped make this happen for our special Sunny girl!

And the happy ending updates keep coming in!  Here's Linc with his forever family. A note from the Deuchert's says, "Can't believe that Linc has been with them for one year!  He has fit into our family beautifully. He loves to "stalk" ducks, geese and rabbits. He also thinks that he is a lap dog (at 73 pounds)...lol! Thanks again to the Willett family for fostering him!"  This is a good time to remind everybody how important fostering is to our rescue organization.  Without the family who fostered Linc, he wouldn't be the happy dog he is today! Thanks to Linc's new family and the Willets from ISR!

Maki (formerly Hershey)

Maki here!  Just dropping by to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Love, love, LOVE my new family!  Sure hope the rest of the ISR orphans find a home as wonderful of mine...very soon!

Here's another update on a happy ending for ISR alum, Pepper.  She wants to remind everybody that during the cold weather it's best that we ALL dress appropriately - fur babies included.  Pepper doesn't look the happiest in this picture, but it's pretty apparent that her family knows what's best for her!  Happy New Year from Pepper and her family!

Otto (formerly Batman)
We affectionately named this precious guy Batman when he joined ISR, and he sure didn't stay with us for very long.  Hooray for that!  He is now called Otto and his new family, the Stibbe's, are totally in love with him.  He is having fun investigating his new home - inside and outside - and spends lots of time cuddling on the couch with his new mom and dad.  Oh - and check out his new Elmer Fudd hat!  Have fun in your new home, Otto, and thanks so much to your new family for opening their home and hearts to you!   


Elvis has left the building!  Yes, folks, Elvis has found his forever home and he couldn't be happier!  The family who adopted Elvis are also happy to have this gentle, loving GSP who is always a happy guy.  During his time with ISR, Elvis was known as "Mr. Personality."  Check out how happy he is...and how comfortable in his new home! Thanks to everybody who helped make Elvis' story a happy ending!


Izzy has joined her foster mom, Susan, as a permanent resident of the family.  Susan fell in love with Izzy and just couldn't bear to let her go. Thanks so much, Susan, for fostering Izzy and for giving her a loving, wonderful permanent home!



With Waylon's sweet personality, it didn't take his foster mom, Jamie, long to realize he'd be a perfect match as a member of her family.  She says, "he is such a lovng and friendly dog, and we're thrilled to have him as part of their family."  Jamie also told us they're keeping his name because it's actually quite fitting.  It seems he likes to "whine a lot and make strange sounds."  So Waylon's no longer "A Ramblin' Man," and he couldn't be happier.  Thanks to Jamie and her family for fostering for ISR and adopting Waylon, too!


This beautiful girl is Moxie, and she's a very happy girl as she joins Mark and Deb along with 2 other four-legged siblings. Her new family has an Aussie and another GSP, as well as other GSP's in their extended family.  With all of the GSPs in her new family, sounds like she'll be getting plenty of exercise!  Happy running and playing, Moxie!  Special thanks to everybody who made this happen for Moxie and her new forever family!



Matilda (a.k.a. Patches)
Say Hi to Matilda, formerly known as Patches.  Matilda was recently sprung from a shelter and is now adopted!  Matilda's' foster family fell in love with her and couldn't let her go.  She's a sweet, loving lapdog and a bundle of energy outdoors.  Matilda loves her new family, human and furry alike. Her new family, the Rowes, have told us that, "Matilda already has new friends in her neighborhood, especially across the street.  She is a complete joy, and very loveable!"  hanks to the Rowe family for fostering her and adding to our Happy Endings success stories!


Deacon is adopted!  His new family is delighted to have him as their newest family member, and they think Deacon is just as happy as they are.  As you can see from the pictures, it hasn't taken Deacon long to get comfortable in his new home with his new forever family. Another happy ending for one of our beautiful GSPs!  A special thanks to his new family and to everybody who helped make this happen!  



Hawk is adopted!  His new forever family has 2 children and 2 German Shepherds to keep him happy and busy.  Hawk will have a lot of people and canine family to play tug-of-war with him, which is his favorite game.  Hawk's 3-month journey with ISR has now come to a happy ending.  Good luck to Hawk and his new family, and a special thanks to everyone who helped in this success story!  


Wrigley (a.k.a. Tango)
Wrigley didn't spend much time as an ISR foster dog.  Her newly approved foster family said they would help foster when ISR was in a jam.  Already approved fosters, they then became approved adopters. They were quickly called into service to pick up their first foster...Tango. Within days it was obvious to the family that Wrigley just had to stay with them as their forever dog.  Look at all the happy smiles!  Congrats to all!

Kody (a.k.a. Draper)
Kody's meet and greet went very well and he is adopted!  He now has a new canine brother, Charlie, and his new human sister, Becca, proudly announced that Draper will be sleeping with her!  By the looks of all the fun Charlie and Kody are having in this videoKody is going to have to learn how to maneuver a lot quicker to keep up with Charlie.  Thanks so much to his new family and congratulations to Kody!


Matilda (a.k.a. Patches)
Say Hi to Matilda, formerly known as Patches.  Matilda was recently sprung from a shelter and is now adopted!  Matilda's' foster family fell in love with her and couldn't let her go.  She's a sweet, loving lapdog and a bundle of energy outdoors.  Matilda loves her new family, human and furry alike. Her new family, the Rowes, have told us that, "Matilda already has new friends in her neighborhood, especially across the street.  She is a complete joy, and very loveable!"  hanks to the Rowe family for fostering her and adding to our Happy Endings success stories!


Bailey (a.k.a. Babs)
This is Babs, now known as Bailey, the pretty girl that was named after the Build-A-Bear (BABs) Hugs Foundation grant awarded to ISR to help treat her illness.  When Bailey arrived to the ISR, she was HW+ (heartworm positive), but now, she's healthy and in her forever home with her new family!  Many thanks to the Build-A-Bear Workshop Bear Hugs Foundation AND Bailey's' new family!  A special note from Bailey:  "Please protect your dogs from heartworm disease by getting a yearly heartworm test followed by monthly preventative year round.  Proper treatment CAN save a precious life!"

Here's an updated picture (third from left) of Bailey (a.k.a. Babs) from her new parents, Kent and Maureen, along with this message:  "Bailey is doing one of her favorite things, which is watching the birds in the backyard.  We appreciate the Build-A-Bear Foundation and Kristen (foster parent) for taking care of her and getting her well.  Thank you for all the amazing work you do finding homes for these dogs."  ISR also wishes to thank our wonderful foster parents and Bailey's new family, too, for sending us such a wonderful update on one of our alumni.


Katie's new mom sent ISR a wonderful note.  From Mary:  "I wanted to thank you for your assistance in making the adoption of Katie an easy and wonderful experience.  My husband and I picked up Katie on August 5th (my birthday) and we have been thrilled and amazed at this beautiful loving dog ever since that day.  I introduced Katie to my vet and she checked out great!  Bruce and I never could have imagined adopting a dog with so many wonderful qualities but when we read about her, we just wanted to try to give her a loving home and already she has given us more.  Thank you again for your kindness"  And thank you, too, for finding room in your heart and home for our Katie!   

Recently, ISR had a great weekend as three of our orphans were adopted!  One of the lucky guys was Grish.  As you can see from the photos, he and his new sister Greta are already fast friends and they love to play! And look at that big smile he has for his new dad!  Thanks to all who helped this boy find his forever family! Grish was named in loving memory of our long-time volunteer, Ken Grish, who supported ISR for many years in our efforts to save as many GSPs as possible.  Thank you to Grish's new forever family for giving Grish the loving home he deserves.


Tazer, named after the awesome Blackhawk, Jonathan Toews, has found his forever family, and he couldn't be happier! Tazer was found as a stray and spent 3 months n a rural shelter.  Eventually, Tazer will get to go to work at a golf course with his new dad, and he has a little person that he gets to take care of, too!  Thank you so much to Tazer's new family for adopting him and allowing him to lead a long, happy life with you!


"Dottie is happily settled with her foster family in the Beverly neighborhood. Neil and his wife truly love her! She gets along well with the dogs at the park near their home, plus, she's learned some great obedience. Welcome to your forever home, Dottie."  And thanks to Dottie's new family for adopting from ISR!

From Gert's foster mom/adopter:
"My ISR rescue, Cruise, had lost his buddy and was lonely, so I decided to foster again. After a couple of fosters, along came a new foster, Gert.  In no time, she charmed us both and never left. Thanks to her sunny disposition, Gert makes friends wherever we go. She's sweet and relatively calm for a GSP. Every single day, I'm so glad to have her in my life. Thanks ISR."  Also posting a picture of Gert and her GSP sibling, Cruise.  Congratulations to the family and to Gert and Cruise!  (Gert is on the right)

Congratulations to Oakley and his new forever family!  Oakley was LONG overdue and he now has a brother, Grover.   We couldn't be happier with this match for Oakley and his new family! 
Congratulations to Raja and his new forever family!  We're so happy that you and Raja have decided to make many happy memories from you new adventures together!  Raja will be your new best friend...forever!

Hattie has found her forever home! Turns out Hattie was with her family all along since her foster family decided she was a part of their family!  A very special thanks to all the foster families who make all these happy tales possible! We truly would not be able to help as many dogs as we do without all your help!  (We apologize for the blurry picture.)

Congratulations to Aggie on finding her forever home! She wasn't available for very long through ISR, because her foster family fell in love with her and adopted her shortly after she joined them!  Thanks to the McCulloch family for making Aggie yours forever!  (We apologize for the blurry photo.)


Here are some photos of Autumn who was adopted by her foster family! The first two show her newfound hobby, pointing at the reflections on the ceiling that are caused by light bouncing off the bottoms of the empty dog food bowls that are on top of the dog crates after dinner. The second shows her favorite task, cleaning the faces of her canine brothers and sisters (not sure where she got this from).  Thank you Ann for taking such great care of Autumn and then taking her into your family!

Have you ever seen a happier dog wearing a cone? Well Cocoa has a lot to be happy about as she was recently adopted by Amanda! Congrats to Cocoa and her new family!

Congratulations Doc on his new family!  Doc's new family comes complete with not only a new dog dad, but also cousins who are ready and willing to shower him with all the love and affection he deserves!

Elle (before and after)
Remember Miss Ellie?  We're posting a before and after picture here so you can see the great improvements she has made over time!  We're all very excited about her progress.  Here she is now being a snuggle bug with her GSP brother(also ISR alum). She is adored by her adoptive family and getting the life she always deserved!

Mandy adopted Justine on January 1, 2014 - Happy New Year to both of them! Justine went right up to Mandy and leaned in to cuddle with her so I knew it would not be a long meet and greet. Mandy works mainly from home so Justine will get a lot of attention. She is also the first grand-dog for Mandy's parents, and Mandy informed us that her parents bought out PetSmart to help Justine adjust!  Thanks to Mandy and Mandy's parents, too!
Congratulations to Maggie and her new family!  Maggie will have both pawed and footed siblings in her new home.  Here she is with some of her family, including her new pawed brother, Ziggy!
Pete got adopted!! Now you may be asking yourself, who is Pete?! Why didn't I see him on the ISR website or Facebook?! Well, the answer is because he was only with ISR for a 1.5 weeks and was adopted by pre-approved adopters! Our approved adopters hear about new dogs first if we think they would be a good fit with their family so we encourage people to apply and start the process since we get dogs in all the time! 
Congrats to Pete and his new family!


Update on Pete:  "Last we wrote you, we were acclimating to Pete's incredible exuberance and energy (i.e., he seemed like he was always bouncing off the walls.) Over the past couple months, he has really calmed down quite a bit and done great. You told us that he would be a great dog and you were spot on. He is a very sweet and smart dog. He's a great companion and has proven to be very good with kids.  He still bounces off the walls for a few minutes when we come home, but has learned how to calm down and be a part of the family. After being sequestered to the garage for so many years, I think he just needed to re-learn how to interact with people.  We've included a new picture of Pete celebrating Independence Day. He took a vacation to our hometown in Kentucky. He had acres of farmland and watering holes to explore. He ran non-stop for five days and has napped most of yesterday and today to catch up from all of the fun.  Thanks again for fostering Pete and for introducing him to us!"

"Hi new mom!"  This picture shows Rubee formally greeting her new mom, and, as you can see they were both quite taken with each other! Congratulations Rubee!
Congrats to Wren on his new forever home!!  Wren will have lots of fun with his GSP sibling and his new forever family.  A big thank you to his new family who are also long-time volunteers for ISR!

Lucas was adopted by this wonderful family!  His foster family worked long and hard on getting him healthy so he would be a happy, loving addition to his new family.  Now it's Lucas' turn to give back to this family and be the best friend ever to all of them!  Congratulations to Lucas and his new forever family!  (We apologize for the blurry picture.)

I'm so excited to share that my foster, Harvey, found his forever home over the weekend! While I only had him for a week he made himself a spot in my heart forever. My sweet playful pup went home with an amazing family and even a doggie brother to run and play with everyday! I'm so excited for Harvey and his new family!!  Congratulations from ISR to Harvey and his forever family.


Congratulations to Clark on finding his forever home! He came to us with a broken leg ,and Amy V. provided extra "TLC" to get him in shape for his new family.  Thanks to Clark's new family and Amy V. for making this adoption possible! 

Melody (a.k.a. Deja)
Here are some photos and an update from Deja's foster mom!
"I wanted to share the photos and info that Deja, now named Melody, that her adopters sent over. She now lives at an old hunting lodge on 33 acres, with Clinton and Lenka. Melody will be bilingual, as Lenka is from Poland, along with Xara, their standard schnauzer. I believe the photos speak for their selves. Their other dog will be a great help with her moving forward. She is so happy in these photos! This is the life she so deserves! They are the perfect couple for her. They are a very active couple and will expose Melody to all kinds of good things that life has to offer. Just in a few hours with her new family, look how happy she is! I'm so delighted for her. Tears of joy for her! She is a very special girl!"

Bandit has found what he loves most: hiking the high country in Colorado. Sniffing out marmot, elk, moose and bear. He is the pack leader on the trail and has never shown so much confidence. This picture is him enjoying the view from 11,500 ft in the Gore range after trekking 5 miles up. He is tireless!  

Kukui (a.k.a. Elise)
Elise, now Kukui (a Hawaiian term for the Kukui tree that symbolizes enlightenment, protection, and peace) was adopted by a wonderful family. She now has three human siblings, three feline friends AND a GSP sister! What more can a special girl ask for? Her new mom says that her brown spots are in the shape of the Kukui nut with the spiritual meaning of light, hope and renewal. This definitely fits her. Elise was brought into ISR after both front legs were broken after being run over by a car. With the support of ISR donations, she was able to have the extensive surgery needed to mend both legs and was fostered by a special person who took take of all her unique needs. She is now a happy and active puppy who looks forward to a wonderful future. Thanks to ISR for saving this special girl and to the wonderful family who will provide her with the life that she deserves. 

Kukui (formerly Elise)
Bailey is finally in her forever home and is enjoying being one of three GSP girls. She is a busy, busy girl that is always on the go.
(We apologize for the blurry picture.)

Fred "Flynn" Stone
What a lucky guy. Fred "Flynn"stone is so happy to be at his forever home. He has two parents who think he is just the best and since he is an "only pet", he is getting all the attention. He goes on lots of walks throughout the day and loves to play ball. What a wonderful, beautiful guy!

Little Rhia quickly found a home with wonderful "parents" that are prepared to take on the challenges of a young dog. Rhia is so happy to be at a home with lots of love and attention and looks forward to beginning classes soon.

Fiyero, our beloved black GSP with the silver bowl in his mouth, has been in his forever home for over a year now. He still loves carrying things in his mouth. Fiyero lives with a GSP brother who enjoys his company and he is also a wonderful companion to his young human brother who likes to play catch with him. He is certainly one lucky GSP!

Otter is having the time of his life. He loves to swim and is fearless. Otter is a big teddy bear and loves to snuggle. Everyone loves him, including his GSP sibling. 

Ginger (a.k.a. Peppers)
Ginger (aka-Peppers) has been with her forever family for almost two years. She was a senior dog when adopted. Her calm and sweet demeanor made her a wonderful "sister" to her smaller furry sibling. Ginger is a very happy dog, loving car rides and spending time with her family. 

Ginger (aka Peppers)
Mikey is enjoying his new home and family, especially his new "best friend" as seen in the picture. He is a bundle of energy and enjoys playing with his GSP sister as well. Mikey has brought out her youthful play and is a wonderful addition to the family!

"Little Miss Mallie" is now in her forever home! She was adopted on the first visit and will be joining her ISR brother Drake in her new home. Like all of them she is a sweetie!!

Trapper, whose journey started on Nov. 1, has finally landed in his forever home. He has some canine buddies and two doting 'parents,'  THANK YOU so much to his foster mom for taking such good care of him while he recovered, THANK YOU to the folks at Care Animal Hospital for giving such excellent care, and THANK YOU to everyone in ISR and elsewhere who donated to his care and helped him along his way. What a happy ending!


Elsa (a.k.a. Pumpkin)
Elsa has such a great personality. She walks or runs alongside her mom's bike with her "walky dog" device. Although she has been meeting other GSP's in the neighborhood, Elsa enjoys being the only dog in her family but has fun socializing at the dog park. Elsa is now in a beginner training class. She is such a good girl in class and has caught the eye of one of the helpers who thinks she is just beautiful. Thanks to ISR for saving her from a shelter. 
   Elsa (Pumpkin)
Lucky Lacie. She finished her heartworm treatment and her foster mom loved her so much that she has adopted her. Mom says she is such a sweetie. Lacie now looks forward to return to her "job" chasing squirrels and birds.

Daisy (a.k.a. JD)
Daisy, now JD, is doing wonderfully. She has settled into her new home very well and is as spoiled as the "princess" nickname suggests. She is a wonderful loving dog who will pester you to death for pets and cuddling.  She is a little tough on her toys, de-stuffs them and chews them up in a hurry, but that just gives us an excuse to buy her a new one!. Thank you so much for saving her and bringing us together!

Daisy (JD)
Flicker was adopted by a wonderful family with three boys and a 14 year old Golden Retriever. He is enjoying his fenced in yard and even sleeping in the bed. What a lucky Pointer!
Xena was adopted in a short four days of rescue. She now has a GSP sister, a Shitzu brother, and a wonderful human family - a happy ending for all.

Hemi went home to his forever home for the holidays. He is starting to bond with his brother Tyson and they both enjoy going to fenced parks to run and play. The "boys" also hang out together on the "dog bed" while their family watches TV. 

Greta and Remi
Happy Holidays from Greta and Remi.

Greta and Remi
Happy Holidays from Sophie and her new family.
Shane has found his forever home with a nice family with 2 children. "Shane did great on the trip home and has made himself quite comfortable. He is definitely nosey, he's hilarious!!! We've just been spoiling him rotten since he got here. Thanks, again for what you do :-) We love him....  "

Nala has been adopted by a very loving family.  She is exploring her new yard, home, and is enjoying the love of her new family.
Dakota (a.k.a. Austin)
Austin, our black rescue boy, has found his forever home. Austin had spent MONTHS in a rural Missouri shelter being overlooked but ISR found him and now he has a wonderful life ahead of him. Austin, now named Dakota, a strong warrior name, is now a happy GSP in his forever home. He made the drive home by cuddling with each member of his new family. Dakota's house manners have been wonderful and he loves his new toys and bed. He even gave his new mom a kiss goodnight. Thank you ISR for helping us get such an awesome dog. 

Dakota (Austin)
I wanted to write you and thank you for giving us the opportunity to take care of such a wonderful, sweet, and, yes, beautiful dog.  Goose is everything we could have hoped for and more!  He has quickly gotten used to apartment living, and we think he may, at times, even prefer being so close to us all the time!  We have found the perfect nature preserve, where he runs for at least an hour every afternoon, and he goes for a 1-2 mile walk in the morning.  He absolutely adores all of his toys, and loves to toss them to himself as he prances around.  Everywhere we take him, people can't help but comment on what a beautiful dog he is! He has met both sets of "grandparents" up in Wisconsin, and they all absolutely adore him!  He couldn't get enough of all the sights and smells up there, and the squirrels!  He was in heaven!  In the car, he can't get enough of having his nose at the window, and he rides like a prince. We love him so much, and everyday we are thankful to you all at ISR for saving our beautiful boy!!

KC (a.k.a. Katie)
KC, now called Katie, is adjusting well to her new life and her new mom just loves her to pieces. Katie also has a GSP sibling as well and they get along beautifully. Another ISR happy ending!

KC (Katie)
Geoffrey has turned into Gio,short for Giove. Gio was adopted a year ago. Here's a little update. Gio is not only doing very well but is the perfect companion to his big brother Champ. They are inseparable in play, rest, and sleep. Gio has turned out to be the seemingly bit younger, clumsier, but larger brother to Champ who is much more nimble and athletic. Although Gio outweighs Champ by 20 pounds, Champ still sets the tone. We count our lucky stars for you connecting us just about a year ago. He is truly a BIG delight not only for us but for Champ.

Jeannie is adjusting beautifully. She's been to a lot of places and enjoys traveling. She loves ice-cubes and isn't a bit afraid when we vacuum ...actually comes up to the vacuum cleaner! (Our other Shorthair HATED the vacuum.) It's so cute that they all have their own unique personalities!    Update Jeannie has been flying through her obedience classes. She was "promoted" to the Advanced class after just after 3 weeks. After graduating from the Advanced class, she will take a test to become a Visiting Dog that can go to hospitals, nursing home, etc...  Congratulations Jeannie.
Sally is doing great. Her tail is up all the time now. She is getting into things and playing with toys just like a puppy. Sally has learned the good things in her life from her cousin GSP, another rescue. Thank you so much for Sally. She is wonderful.


Lexi is having a great time in her new home. She spends time swimming, which she loves, and enjoys spending time with her GSP sister.

Lucy (a.k.a. Dani)
Dani, now Lucy, was formally adopted at this year's ISR reunion. Initially a foster, her new family fell in love with her. Since that time, Lucy has undergone a transformation from a skinny, nervous girl to a typical, inquisitive GSP. She is class now and finally will sit rather than go from standing until laying down and is also learning to be a spoiled dog, something that is new to her life. Lucy has finally come home!!! 

      Lucy (Dani)
Sooner is doing amazing with our family. He is such a smart dog and a joy to have around. He loves to chase squirrels! Sooner has started a training program is is doing great. He is also quiet the dancer! When we bring out his food, he jumps in full 360 degree circles howling for his chow. He has really adapted well and so many people in the community love to see him walking around with us and hear his story. He loves to visit some special children around our area and brings a smile to their face. They all stop to pet "Boomer Sooner!" As he continues to grow with us and in his training I know he will make us all proud. Thank you so much for your organizations hard work!

It's hard to believe that Breeze has only been with us for a month. She has become a big part of our family in a very short time. She adjusted so easily to our daily routines that it seems like we've had her since she was a pup. She loves everyone she meets and is wonderful with children. She loves morning walks around the neighborhood and has made friends with a number of our canine neighbors. She is especially fond of a five month old puppy across the street. She loves the yard and patrols the perimeter in hopes of catching a squirrel. She started doggy classes and during the first class, she wore herself out playing with the puppies that she laid down and slept most of the class. We are so happy that she picked us for her forever family.

Bullit (a.k.a. Zuni)
We have had Bullitt (Zuni) for a little over a year and we are so lucky to have found him. He is a great dog and loves running in his yard chasing leaves and "bug hunting". He has made many dog friends and spends time with his GSP buddy Axil in Michigan running around. He is very affectionate and loves to cuddle at night. Thanks for all you do for rescues!

Bullitt (Zuni)
Sophie has traveled from near peril in Oklahoma to a fantastic forever home and family in Illinois. This wonderful gal will have two girls to love her and a fenced in yard where she can safely play. 
Hoag has had a wonderful summer full of new adventures. Hoag enjoys swimming and going to the park to run and play ball. He absolutely loves his GSP sister, following her and being by her most of the time. He also wants any toy that she might have, much to her chagrin at times. Wrestlemania is a daily activity at our home now. Hoag is a big puppy at heart and is enjoying his adolescence. Good thing his new mom used to teach 13 year-olds so he fits right in with her expectations. He is such a sweetheart and is eager to please. When not following his sister, he follows his mom.  We are so glad we found each other. Thanks ISR!!!
Gordy came in weighing just over 40 lbs but look at him now in just a few short months.  Gordy absolutely loves his new life as an indoor dog with plenty of attention and a loving family.  He even has a new brother which is so much fun.  Thanks ISR for all you do.  

Sniper (a.k.a. Prince)
Two years later Sniper (Prince) has changed his outdoor activity from hunting to swimming.  He swims from the inter-coastal waterway to the seawall in New Smyrna Beach and back. It is a distance of about 3 miles and it hardly phases him.  Those webbed feet must be the trick!!! His "sister" is not as ambitious.  
Sniper (Prince)    
Ruger, our Michigan boy, has also found his "forever" home in the big city.  He is lucky to live next to a dog park and also has some small four-legged friends that live close-by so he will have plenty of fun.  Ruger was so excited to go "home" that he jumped right into the car of his new family as soon as the door opened. Ruger was unsure whether he was with his new family or just another way-point in his life, but after hundreds of walks, countless games of fetch, trips to several exotic dog parks, a road trip to St. Louis, and a lot of love, he is now confident that he is with his forever family. Ruger is polite, affectionate, playful, and a great running companion. Ruger is a great ambassador for his breed and ISR. Whenever Ruger is walked in the city, he always get stopped. People are naturally taken with his handsomeness and outgoing personality and want to know what kind of dog he is and where they can find one like him. His family always tells them to check out the ISR site, as I'm sure there is another great GSP (though maybe not quite as awesome as our Ruger out there in need of a home.

Hudson (a.k.a. Berkley)
Below is Hudson, previously Berkley, enjoying his favorite spot on the lake - at the end of the pier.  He enjoys standing guard at the boat launch - making sure no deer, squirrels, or beavers come out of the water into his favorite park in which he likes to play.  So far he has not had any interest in fishing for fish on his own.  He really likes the pier on windy days when his ears flap in the wind.  He is also beginning to swim in the tall grassy fields.  He is a real snuggler in the house and enjoys his family and kids.  The picture on the left is from his birthday.  He ate his treats in 20 seconds!
 Hudson (Berkley)       
Tuttle found his "forever home" with a great family.  His "dad" takes him to class weekly, walks or jogs with his "mom" each morning, and enjoys listening to his "little brother" tell him stories.  He has really settled in nicely and it feels like he has been part of the family forever. (Unfortunately, we don't have a picture of Tuttle to share with you.)
Toby (a.k.a. Stout)
Wow - It's been just over 24 hours and what a new world in which I find myself living ... I'm a "city dog" now and boy it's fun - been to 3 different "dog parks" already (yeah - parks made just for us dogs) and the lakefront.  So far all is going well (well I kinda did run off and was chased a couple blocks) but other than that - I've been on my best behavior.  We went out for dinner last night and hung out (un-eventfully) -- that's good.  I met my "step-brother" Guinness.  We make a fun family.  Think I'll be going to the name "Stout" ... it matches my appearance and compliments my step-brother Guinness's name.

Toby (Stout)       
We are LOVING our new addition to the family. We named him Roscoe. He has been so good. We took him for a walk at the McHenry Dam and attempted the two mile trail and Roscoe sat down halfway through but got up and finished the last mile with a little coaxing. Roscoe gets walked by dad every morning. One day he spotted a cat and he was off. I was worried that he was gone but I called him a few times and whistled and he came back. He is such a good dog and really smart. We love playing fetch with him with the tennis ball. We were surprised at how good he is with bringing the ball back and dropping it right in front on you. When he sees his leash, he walks in circles around me. I have to tell him to sit to put it on his collar. We all love him. Thank you for all your help.

Coco (a.k.a. Ariel)
The girls took Coco's (Ariel) leash within seconds of walking in the door and held on tight! They were excited to be getting a new dog since their GSP Scout passed away 6 months ago. They also have a little rat terrier, Ollie, who seemed a little nervous and hesitant at first but warmed up quickly. Coco dug into the basket of dog toys right away like she owned the place (there sure were plenty of toys for her to choose from)! Spoiled already. Coco is doing great with her forever family.

Coco (Ariel)
Tracker is doing great. He's just a very happy dog. Sometimes too happy! He is either going to get us into better shape or send us to an early grave with all the exercise we get together. Tracker is obsessed with the chipmunks and we have more than our share around here. A good stick can keep him busy for an hour.  He put on 3lbs, for the life of me I don't know how with all the running around he does. He's becoming really good at frisbee and jumps about 3 ft in the air and makes the catch every time. Tracker is not a fan of fireworks though. He spent the 4th on the bed under the covers. He doesn't mind the small stuff but the big booms are a different story.

We are head-over-heels in love with Ringo. He is everything we had hoped for and more. Ringo is one of the most well-mannered dogs I have ever seen, learns and listens well, and melts the hearts of those who see him when we go on car rides to McDonalds.  Ringo loves to go on runs and walks with us in the evening, laying in the yard watching us doing yard work, and really enjoys sleeping in bed. On Father's Day, early in the morning Ringo helped make a Father's Day card.  Ringo was not sure about the glitter and it got all over his nose. It was a memory never to forget. We are in every way, shape, and form, truly and eternally grateful for the opportunity to become Ringo's parents and it would not have been possible without the volunteers at ISR! Thank you so much.

Hank is such a love bug and loves his people. We cannot get enough of him. He gets along great with our baby and all of the cousin dogs in the family. We cannot express enough what a wonderful dog Hank is and we are so happy to have him as a member of our family. I am sure in the future we will be getting a companion for Hank. Thank you for all the work you do with all these lovely companions!  


Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa is doing great! It seems as though we have had her for much longer. She loves galloping around the yard and playing with all her new toys. Yesterday, she had her first dog training class. We didn't do too much since she was so distracted by the guinea pigs, kittens, people, and smells. Everyone commented on how beautiful she was and how she has such a great personality. After getting home, she was pooped and took a long nap on the dog bed. I can tell she learned a bit already since she has been pretty good at obeying the commands at home. This morning Mona Lisa went to the dog park. She was still a bit shy but made a couple friends. Surprisingly, she even took a few steps into the pond a couple of times before getting a little freaked out and springing backward.  I'm sure she will conquer her fears with time.

Mona Lisa
Griffey is a 6 year old owner surrender. His family had too many children and didnt have time for him anymore. He is good with kids and just needs a bit of warming up to. Once he knows you, he loves you. Griffey absolutely cannot live without balls! Griffey's new owner says "I just wanted to say how much I love having Griffey!!! He is a great dog!! I think it is a toss up between who is keeping who more active."

Molly is a shy 2 1/2 year old affectionate girl that was surrendered by her owners. In her new home Molly is doing great. We are in obedience and she has made great improvements. The trainers at obedience love her and believe she was abused. She is in her 2nd round of training and we have signed up for round 3. She still seems nervous, but we're hoping that is just new home jitters. She fits in great and we're so happy to have her in our lives.

Heidi (a.k.a. Yogos)
Heidi was about 12 months old when she was found abandoned by her owner at the kennel where she was dropped off to be bathed. The owner felt she was not worthy enough to go back and get her. There she sat for a month in a scary place, not understanding why she was there at all until ISR picked her up. Now Heidi has her forever home with a family who is happy to have her. They can't believe how laid back she is and are looking into some classes for her since she does not have good manners on the leash and she thinks it is necessary to jump on the counters in the kitchen. The boys think she is great and are so thrilled to have her.

Heidi (Yogos)
Izzy (a.k.a. Glinda)
Izzy was a young mother of 8 pups when we found her. She and two of her puppies, Fredo and Guapo, came into foster care at ISR instead of being sold at a swap meet. Izzy has experienced farm life, motherhood and losing her home for the second time and she was only 1 and a half years old at the time. Her new family says Izzy is a sweetheart! Once she got comfortable with us, we found out that she can actually sing and dance! She LOVES going for long walks and we are very excited that spring is finally here!

Izzy (Glinda)
Just wanted to give you and update on Pearl (who's nickname is Pearly Berly) I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HER!!! We went home to my parents for Easter and she met the whole family. Everyone couldn't get over how beautiful she is and how well behaved she is for her age. My mom practically cried when I had to take her back to Sycamore with me! She has been such a joy to have around! She has stopped pacing and is settling in nicely. She sleeps with me at night (for a period of time before she gets down and then she has to go in her kennel because she destroyed one of my shoes once). We've started taking her to tennis courts to run some of her endless energy off and it works except it is hard on her paws so we only do it sparingly. We start puppy classes on Thursday. While I was home for Easter my little sister taught her how to do "circles"...it is sooo cute. Her butt hits the floor before she makes it all the way around just to get her treat!

Bosco (a.k.a. Mutt)
Bosco is doing fine. He met the other two German Shorthairs that my brother and sister have, and they played for hours. He sits when he wants a treat and before we feed him. He has been a barrel of fun and a great dog. Again, thanks for all your help.

Bosco (Mutt)

Cruise (a.k.a. Adopt Me Elmo)
Cruise is such a happy-go-lucky guy! He loves every single dog and person he meets. You’ll see him with a non-stop smile on his face, as if he’s saying, “life is SO GOOD now! Before ISR, Cruise was a young stray, captured by animal control while swimming in a pond. We are grateful to ISR every day for bringing him into our lives. He’s finished his beginning and advanced obedience training, and now he fills his days playing with his Shorthair brother, hunting those wily pheasants, and generally enjoying himself.

Cruise (Adopt Me Elmo)
Max (a.k.a. Lyle)
Max is doing great! He loves to play outside and is fascinated with the water coming out of the hose! He tries to ‘eat’ it. He has fit right in with the family and Sula. What a nice addition!

Max (Lyle)

We brought Hunter home in June of 2007. We had a GSP puppy, Bo and he really wanted a brother. Hunter is the sweetest loveable dog in the world. He loves us and loves Bo. He had to get used to Bo’s wanting to play with him ALL the time! He loves to chase birds in the yard all day long. This is his favorite time of year (spring!) We did have a couple of scares when he got out of our gate and was gone for 4 days. We are much more careful and don’t give him any opportunities to get out, we love him too much to lose him. I think he really loves our home, and as you can see he has made himself very comfortable! He and Bo are important members of our family and we love him! Thank you for bringing us all together!

Wrigley (a.k.a. Yumm-O)
He is such a good dog! I really can’t say enough about how well he has been doing with his training. He heels extremely well, and will sit and down in motion—as well as from a distance with hand signals. He is one smart little guy! 

Wrigley (Yumm-O)
We love her to death...She sleeps at night quietly on a huge dog pillow at the foot of our bed. She loves to chase the squirrels in the yard. She loves to run up and down the stairs 90 miles an hour. She goes for a walk twice a day. She has 3 warm coats and likes them all. All in all, we love her and feel lucky we have found her (thanks to you). She will have a nice forever life with us.

Huey (a.k.a. Lancer)
Huey came to us as a 2 year old bundle of energy. He was extremely playful and loved other dogs. He is having a great time with his new family. Huey had a great Christmas and he is smart now too. He did ok in dog school if you could get his attention--I think he has ADHD. WE love him and he loves us! Thanks!

Huey (Lancer)

Daisy (a.k.a. Poppy)
Daisy has the funniest personality. Everything she does requires her making noise, whether it's the funny high pitched noise she makes when she yawns or the loud howling and smacking of the bell on the door when it's time for a walk. We nicknamed her "wags" because her butt never stops wagging! She loves to play with her big brother Dexter. Dexter wasn't too fond of another dog coming into his territory. At the beginning he snubbed her, not sitting on the same couch as her, and walking away when she would come to play. Now they cuddle together and he loves his new playmate! As you can see from the pictures she's quite healthy. When we received her she was very underweight, now she's coming in at a whopping 55 lbs! Our family just wants to thank the Shorthair Rescue for allowing this wonderful pup to be apart of our family. Everything you do for these animals is amazing! Thanks again!

Daisy (Poppy)
Kobe was a 2 year old stray that was turned into a local police department. Kobe is doing great. She has put on 12 pounds and I've lost 10. We get along very well and she is smarter than most people I know. She learns very fast. I love her a lot!


Nix was approximately 1 year old when he came to ISR. He was originally surrendered to a shelter because the owners did not realize the energy level of a GSP. He was adopted and once again returned. During his third adoption from the shelter, he was treated poorly and chained outside. He escaped and was returned to the shelter who agreed for ISR to take him. As you can see Nix is enjoying life with Wilhelm. The middle picture is of Nixey with Blaze (Blaze was the one who was stand-offish with Nix), the third picture is a daily occurrence; I do my research while the dogs gather around me to sleep. Nixey refuses to relinquish his spot next to me so he just lays on Wilhelm (who doesn't mind at all)!

Zoe (a.k.a. Josie)
Zoe has been everything we hoped for and more. She is a reliable companion, a happy family pet and an excellent hunter. She waits by my side each morning ready to go on her morning walk and spends all day darting from the front window to the front door watching squirrels outside in the front yard wearing herself out in the process. She is every bit of the high drive GSP that she was bread to be. She has been a blessing and just a joy as a part of our family and we couldn't imagine ever finding a better dog.. We are truly grateful to Illinois Shorthair Rescue for allowing us to provide Zoe with her forever home.

Zoe (Josie)
Heidi (a.k.a. Eve)
Heidi (left) loves to play with her friend Bee. She points at everything including Bee.

Heidi (Eve)
Fredo and Megan
Fredo was rescued by us instead of being sold at a swap meet by their owners. Fredo was a 4-month old who loved to be hugged and petted. Megan is 3 1/2 years old and was left outside for 3 years in a kennel run without any vetting. As you can see both Fredo & Megan are thriving in their new home with their new family. They enjoy their family and each other.

Fredo & Megan
Claire is a shy 5 year old girl who has adjusted to her new home life. She was found as a stray in Kankakee County. Here is Claire and Jabbers.

Indy was found in a field in Indiana where he and his three siblings were dumped. He is a very outgoing little boy. They appear to be between 6-8 weeks old. Here is a picture of Indy and his new brother Dakota.

Mari (a.k.a. Peppermint)
Mari is a silky BLACK and white, purebred GSP, less than 2 years old. Poor Mari has undergone many changes recently, starting with being taken to a shelter by her owner for having the usual high energy of the GSP breed. Mari has done incredibly well in her new home with two other GSPs males who love to play. They run, swim, run, wrestle, and run some more.

Mari (Peppermint)

Ella is enjoying the outside and getting dressed up. She is a beautiful 3 year old who previously had formal obedience and had been hunt trained. She loves being around people and gets along with other dogs. She was raised with children, but will not get along with small furry animals. Ella has quite a prey drive and needs a contained yard. She is extremely well mannered and loves to go for walks and get treats.

Janna is an energetic 5 year old who acts like she's 2! She likes to run & can jump very high with the agility of a cat. For this reason Janna Banana had been bounced around from home to home, ending up back at the shelter repeatedly because she had not found the right owner who was able to positively channel her energy & drive. Janna (left) is enjoying life in her new home with Gunnar (right).

Amber (a.k.a. Adalgisa)
Adalgisa as her name dipicts, means "Noble Hostage." You see, this sweet girl was rescued only to find a metal prong collar embedded in part of her neck. Amber learned her new name quickly and has gained a little weight. She is looking very healthy. She has successfully destroyed to her enjoyment two duck toys that honked. She has learned to ring a bell to get outside and is constantly ringing the bell to stalk birds and squirrels. She has made friends with Max who lives behind us and the poodle next door. I don't think the grass will last long along the fence. Now that she knows her name, she is coming when called, and has learned how to heel. The girls love playing with her in the backyard. She is funny in that she wants to be on you not next to you. She will happily sit on your lap when on the floor.

Amber (Adalgisa)
Dice was turned into a shelter because his owners no longer had time for him. This energetic 4 year old boy loves to play ball and act like a puppy. His new owner took these pictures during their first big snowfall. Dice absolutely loves the snow. He attacks it, just like he does with grass. He gets so distracted eating the snow, I literally have to pull him up from it to make him stop. He loves to catch snowballs and eat them. He looks so funny after he digs his face in the snow. He always gets a big glob of it all over his nose...Thank you again for bringing Dice into my life!


Karl (a.k.a. Eggo)
Karl is doing great and has gotten even better with his obedience since school. We discovered his love for swimming recently at the dog beach in Chicago. Here is a pic of him enjoying the summer weather at the beach. We love it too because it wears him out!

Karl (Eggo)
Racer (a.k.a. Mousse)
I am very happy to tell you that four weeks ago we adopted an 8 month old male liver colored GSP from Illinois GSP Rescue. ISR and Tracy from Idaho were, and continue to be, very helpful in advising me and helping me to choose "Racer." I could go on forever about what a wonderful dog he is and how much my boys and I are enjoying owning and working with him.

Racer (Mousse)
Grady (a.k.a. Chocolate)
Grady is solid liver dog, estimated to be about 3 years old. Grady is enjoying his new home. He loves to play with his older brother and is learning to swim nicely. His new family couldn't be happier with him. He gets lots of attention and is spoiled on a daily basis.

Grady (Chocolate)
Jesse (a.k.a. Gingersnap)
This 2 year old little girl's got heart (note the marking on her right side). Too much heart to be happy living outside as a hunting dog so her owner took her to a shelter. Snap disliked living outside so much she'd find a way over the fence just so she could sit at the front door of her home waiting to be let in. In her new home here's a picture of our new girl Jesse with her dad and sister! She is so great - we love her! She is very loving and so fun!

Jesse (Gingersnap)
Spencer used to be named (Moe) - - Spencer continues to be a great dog.  He has become expert at catching the frisbee.  That and long walks are his favorite pastimes. We take him to Florida twice a year and he loves to point the big birds down there along with running into the warm gulf waves.  (Lucky Dog)