More about Sevin


Sevin will likely do better in a home that typically projects a quieter environment.  Great with other dogs,  AND GOOD with cats.  No children in her foster home but has happily greeted children when in that situation.  Will do best with a gentle, loving family.  Another dog will probably be OK, but she’ll also be fine as an only dog.  Fenced yard preferred. 


Sevin is a beautiful black and white female GSP, approximately 11 years old, quiet by nature and loving, too.  She weighs about 50 pounds and is svelte with a beautiful shine to her coat.

She has a unique name with a unique spelling, but that’s because she’s a unique girl.  Sevin is a Turkish name meaning “cheer and delight”.  In other words, carefree and a “don’t worry, be happy” type of girl.  And the name fits her to a tee.  Sevin is laid back with a medium energy level and her foster mom has mentioned when Sevin isn’t fetching and playing, she’s a bit of a couch potato and a very big snuggler.

We weren’t sure if she was very prey-driven or friendly with cats until a recent visit to the Vet’s office.  They have a resident cat and when Sevin saw it, she displayed a perfect, beautiful GSP point; however, she didn't try to harm it in any way.  Apparently she has the prey-drive we expected and is good with cats in addition to being fantastic with other dogs.  Older, younger, frisky, mild-mannered, bigger, or smaller.  While she willingly tolerates all levels of interaction with dogs, we know she prefers quiet surroundings for the most part, so a very frisky puppy/dog may not be the best match for Sevin.

Sevin is wary of quick, dart-like movements towards her and if she’s approached quickly with an unfamiliar item in your hands, like a camera or phone.  We don’t think Sevin has had much interaction, if any, with items found in a home or everyday people items. It’s highly likely Sevin was in a kennel most of her adult life, making everything a new experience for her.

Sevin is crate-trained and will go in whenever asked, and she’ll often retreat to her crate if she becomes scared or upset with what’s going on around her.  When her foster mom was using a Dremel to trim the nails of her own dog, Sevin was unsure of what was happening and decided the safest place for her to be was in her crate…smart girl. smiley

Sevin has a medium-to-high energy level and loves to play fetch…with anything!  Balls, toys, sticks, etc.  Whatever you’ll throw for her she likes to fetch and go and then go again.  If she’s not tired of playing the fetching game, but you are, then she’ll just throw the ball around by herself until she gets tired.  If she’s not fetching, she’s completely happy to lie around and take on the persona of a shiny black and white spotted couch potato.  Besides playing fetch, Sevin likes to go on leash walks and car rides, too.  And we don’t want to forget something she does that we all find cute and endearing.  She walks around and carries her “baby” (stuffed animal) in such a gentle manner…like she thinks it’s her real baby.

Sevin hasn’t shown any aggression toward people or other animals with her food or her toys.  She knows a few commands already, including “sit” and “get in your kennel”.  Her foster mom is working with Sevin on “down” and “come”.  Training her is a pretty easy process because she’s very food motivated and smart.  After all, she is a GSP! wink  And speaking of typical GSP traits, snuggling is at the tops of Sevin’s list of wishes, too.  She’s quite the little snuggle bug given the opportunity.

Her foster parents are very impressed with this little girl and have lots of positive things to say about her.  Here are a few comments from them: “Sevin is on the quiet side and will thrive in a quiet home without loud voices and/or fast movements…at least until she gains trust for those who adopt her.  She is a very well-behaved, sweet, gentle, and loving girl.

So, folks, is our Sevin looking like she’s your “lucky number 7”?  We hope so because she’s going to make a family very happy.  If you’re interested in rolling the dice and making a sure bet, please complete our online adoption application.  It’s the quickest and best way for us to learn of your interest.

  • Sevin is up to date with routine shots and is house trained.
  • Sevin is altered.

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More about Maybelle

Say hello to our little princess, Maybelle!  She’s has only been with us for a couple of days, so we’re still learning about her but wanted to get a few words out about her as soon as we could.

Maybelle is a very young little sweetheart and weighs about 40 pounds.  We think she’s still a puppy, about 8 months old.  She was spayed a couple of days ago and is recuperating nicely.  As you can see from her pictures, she’s a beautiful little girl with a lot of energy and interest in her new surroundings.

So far, we know she isn’t food or toy aggressive and rides very well in a car.  She seems very interested in toys, but sadly, she’s not too sure what to do with them yet.  Right now, Maybelle thinks shoes, jackets, and leashes are her toys, too, but she’s learning!  Leashes are new to her which means she probably didn’t get out much for leash walks, but thankfully, she doesn’t pull while on leash.

Because she’s young and probably hasn’t had much time to learn the ABC’s of Doggy Etiquette, she doesn’t know basic commands at this time, but her fosters are working on them with her.  She will certainly benefit from a very patient family who would be willing to take her to obedience/training classes.

This is what her fosters say about our little princess: “Maybelle is very affectionate, loves to be petted and rubbed, and will walk close to you when outside… but not overly clingy or pesty for affection when inside.”

Watch for more news on Maybelle to come soon, but if you’re already interested, please complete our online adoption application.  It’s the quickest and best way for us to learn of your interest. 


More about Blu


Blu is approximately 18 months old and gets along well with other dogs, but unsure if good with cats.  Full of energy and will require regular, daily physical exercise to keep him happy and out of trouble from boredom.  He hasn’t been exposed to children in his foster home, but his foster mom believes he will be good with them; however, his high energy level dictates it may not be a good idea to be homed with toddlers.  He may accidentally hurt a small child during his rambunctious play time.  Recommend fenced back yard with additional security for locksNOTE: Blu is quite the Houdini with handles on doors and gates.  He’s very clever and has learned how to open doors and gates with lever-like handles.  Bungy cords around the handles or another way to ensure the lock/handle will stay secure is a must.


Welcome to our handsome Blu!  Blu is a young, black and white ticked male GSP approximately 1 year to 18 months old.  He’s a striking GSP with a natural tale, weighs about 45 pounds, and is absolutely FULL of puppy energy!

Blu has adapted very well to his foster home and playing with his GSP foster buddies, Rufus and Gracie.  Having other dog playmates in his foster home has really helped to keep him active and out of trouble…for the most part. blush  We say for the most part because in GSP standards, Blu is still very much a puppy with all the puppy curiosity and energy you’d expect to find in a happy, well-adjusted Shorthair.  Since Blu is still in his “puppy stage”, it will be very important his new forever family has the time and patience to make sure Blu gets plenty of exercise…every day types of exercise.  Long leash walks, toss and fetch with his toys, Kong activities, tug-of-war, doggy parks and/or doggy daycare, etc.  He’s also young enough that with the proper training he may make the perfect cycling or jogging buddy for his new family!  Exercise is what it will take to keep him happy and ready to rest when he’s indoors.

Blu loves to play!  He’s always ready to go, whether it be in the yard or in the house.  Even though his first choice of recreation is to play with his doggy buddies, he doesn’t have a problem keeping himself entertained when he’s alone in the backyard, either.  He’ll pick up toys and toss them around so he can chase them.  Blu has access to a lot of toys for play, and he loves to chew, but until he learns his boundaries and what is his and what isn’t, it’s important to keep anything out of his reach that can hurt him, or anything that’s prized by you.  Socks, purses, towels, kids’ toys, blankets, tissues, etc.; all represent the types of things a pup like Blu may take a special interest in chewing on.

Blu isn’t food or toy aggressive, but his foster mom has noticed he’s very much like a young child in that he always wants the toy or bone that one of the other dogs has.  Apparently, the other toy must be more fun or taste better…right?  Luckily, for Blu, the fun of trying to get the other dogs’ goodies isn’t an aggressive action, but, rather a mischievous one. wink  He’s a bit of a little scamp with a totally adorable personality.  We should also mention that Blu is also a bit like a doggy Houdini.  He’s learned how to open lever-like handles and locks on doors and gates, making it imperative to secure doors/gates with bungy cords or another device to ensure he doesn’t get the opportunity to show you his magical skills. smiley

Blu’s prey drive is the typical drive you’ll find in most GSP’s – he loves to watch and attempt to catch typical backyard prey.  Squirrels seem to be his favorite critters and he is constantly on the lookout for them.  He even scopes out the high electric wires, just in case one of those furry little guys takes a misstep and happens to fall within Blu’s reach.  Not to worry, though.  It’s highly unlikely a squirrel will make that mistake, but Blu is ever hopeful!

We’re not sure yet if Blu is good with children, but his foster mom believes he’d be good with them because of his loving, sweet nature; however, it probably isn’t advisable to have Blu homed with little children.  Toddlers and babies could accidentally be hurt when Blu is playing. 

As we’ve already stated, Blu is very high energy, but his foster mom says he’s also very laid back, too.  Seems like Blu is always ready for some high energy fun but will also take some time to rest and recoup when needed.  When it’s time to chill, Blu will be found as close to his foster mom as he can get.  He loves to touch people and give them kisses, making him somewhat of a Velcro dog.

Blu isn’t crate-trained yet, but his foster mom is working on it.  She’s also working on a couple of commands with Blu.  Sit and stay have been the main objectives.  We highly recommend Blu’s new family enroll in dog obedience/training classes.  Blu came to ISR with little or no training; however, this could be a good thing for his new family.  Obedience and behavior classes tend to work in favor of the owners and the dog together.  It’s a perfect opportunity for dog and owner to bond and begin to understand what communication and behaviors will work for both of you.  Believe it or not, a well-behaved and obedient dog is a happy dog.  And a happy dog makes for a happy home and happy family. yes

A great dog like Blu comes along once in a “Blu” moon and he may not last long.  After all, he’s young, full of energy, loving, and best of all, he loves people, too!  If you’re interested in making Blu you’re once in a “Blu moon” furry family member, please complete our online adoption application.  It’s the quickest and best way for us to learn of your interest.

  • Blu is up to date with routine shots and is house trained.
  • Blu is altered.

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rubY mae (fostered in illinois) ***aDOPTED***

More about Ruby Mae


Ruby Mae is a 7-8-year-old female GSP weighing about 70 pounds.  Gets along great with other dogs and children; NOT good with cats.  Moderate energy level.  Recommend a fenced back yard where Ruby Mae can leisurely explore her surroundings as part of her exercise routine; high prey-drive with outside critters.  Loves cuddling with people, so will require a home with people who are looking for a dog that is a true Velcro GSP.


Exciting news!  The wait is over and Ruby Mae is ready for her new forever home!  She’s about 7 years old and is a bigger GSP by breed standards.  She’s on the tall side and weighs about 70 pounds – so she’s perfect for her height. ??

Ruby Mae is great with other dogs AND children, but NOT cats or small animals as she has a very high prey-drive.  And don’t be fooled by her laid-back personality because her prey-drive sure gives the backyard critters a “run for their money” if she sees them! 

Ruby Mae lived with children in her previous home and will be great with older children, probably 7 and up.  We don’t recommend she be home with young toddling children who may want to hang on her and put a lot of weight on her.  This isn’t because she would hurt them, but they might hurt her.  Being between the ages of 7 and 8, makes her almost 51 years old in human years, and at that age there aren’t many humans who want toddlers hanging on them all the time, either.  LOL!  

Ruby Mae has recently been released from her exercise restrictions (due to minor surgery) and she has quickly come to life with her true personality shining through…and it couldn’t be better!  She has a medium energy level and loves, love, LOVES playing around now with her 2 doggy pals that live in her foster home. She particularly likes playing with her younger, male GSP buddy named Maverick.  She came from a home where she had a male Lab dog buddy, and we think that may be why she has bonded quickly with Maverick.  She likes Nylabones and tennis balls for playtime activities and likes to have an opportunity to walk around and explore the backyard.  Ruby Mae already knows basic commands such as “sit” and “come”, and her foster parents are working with her on “stay” and “down”.

Ruby Mae also welcomes leash walks and cuddle time with people.  She’ll need more time on a leash, so she can learn not to pull, but it shouldn’t be hard to train her in that respect.  She’s easily redirected and listens when called by her name.  Ruby Mae isn’t crate-trained, and she is one of very few rescues we’ve had that we believe should NOT be crated.  She becomes terrified and panic-stricken when inside a crate; to the point that it’s detrimental to her well-being.  But don’t worry, not crating Ruby Mae shouldn’t create any problems or mischief on her part.  She’s happy to roam around with her people and/or hang out with one of her dog buddies when her fosters must leave the home.  She doesn’t exhibit signs of separation anxiety and isn’t aggressive toward people or animals with her toys or food. 

Ruby Mae responds quickly to her name when called and is always excited to be on the receiving end of the loving, positive attention she gets from the person who called her.  She’s truly a happy-go-lucky girl with a tail that never stops wagging; she doesn’t care if the attention she receives if from people or the other dogs, she willingly accepts it all.  The more the better.  All in all, she’s pretty laid back and looks forward to cuddle time with her people.

Based on these comments from her foster mom it’s apparent Ruby Mae is a dog who loves people everywhere… Ruby Mae is extremely social.  In Petco today, she kept pulling me around to say hello to all the adults and kids.  She just stood there wagging her tail when people were petting her.  Leash work is still a work in progress.  A trainer there who talked with us for a while and petted Ruby Mae said she is a great "bomb proof" dog meaning good in all situations and said she could easily see Ruby Mae being a therapy dog…especially with military veterans due to her mannerisms and her nice size.”  Talk about a glowing report from a foster parent and a professional trainer!  Way to go Ruby Mae!!!

Ruby Mae’s foster mom has been a volunteer with ISR for many years and has fostered “a ton” of GSPs throughout those years, so when she says Ruby Mae is special, you can bet it’s coming from years of experience.  She sent us a short description about Ruby Mae and we’re sharing some of her words since they describe Ruby Mae the best.

“She’s one of the sweetest and most well-behaved foster dogs we have had.  I can’t think of one issue with her as we absolutely adore her; I can’t think of anything bad about her.  She’s just a love bug that you want to snuggle with.  She has a very warm, sweet personality and she loves everyone and tries to make friends with any dog/ person she meets.  Sweet, laid back easy going GSP.  She has pep in her step and she loves exploring outside.”

One other message her foster mom sent about Ruby Mae.  She said that Ruby Mae LOVES cuddling close to people on the couch, so a home that allows her to be next to them on the furniture would be the best fit for Ruby Mae.  Cuddling with people is probably the one thing she most looks forward to…anytime, anywhere.  ??

Ruby Mae is looking for a forever home where she can get moderate exercise, love, love, and more love.  Best description of Ruby Mae?  Easily answered by 3 words…a total love bug!

If you’re interested in making Ruby Mae part of your family, please complete our online adoption application.  It’s the quickest and best way for us to learn of your interest.

  • Ruby Mae is up to date with routine shots and is house trained.
  • Ruby Mae is altered.

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More about Paige


Paige is approximately 2 years old and gets along well with other dogs, but not cats.  Full of energy and will require regular, daily physical exercise to keep her happy and out of trouble from boredom.  Hasn’t been exposed to children in her foster home, but her high energy level dictates she not be homed with toddlers.  She may accidentally hurt a small child during her rambunctious play time.  Recommend fenced back yard.


The cute quirky tilt of her head and the “floppy” ear (old injury) are visual aids that help describe the sweet, loving personality and spirit of Paige. 

Paige is about 2 years old and weighs approximately 40 lbs.  She’s smart, gets along well with other dogs, is crate-trained and potty-trained.  Paige will likely do well with another dog in the home if he/she loves to play and wrestle as much as Paige does, but her playmate should have the stamina and willingness to handle typical doggy “rough and tumble wrestling and chase.”  Her foster mom says Paige is kind of like the Energizer Bunny in a GSP disguise…”she keeps going and going.”  But, on the flip side, Paige is also agreeable to taking time out to cuddle and snuggle with her people, too.

As with most German Shorthairs, Paige has a naturally strong prey drive and happily gives chase to squirrels, rabbits, and any other “critter” she sees on the move in her yard.  Her prey drive could put small, indoor pets at risk, too, so secure surroundings for indoor hamsters, guinea pigs, and other like animals is advised.

Paige is extremely smart and food motivated, making her training of basic commands and obedience less of a task than with a dog that isn’t those 2 things.  Actually, GSPs all seem to have a highly developed sense of obedience and are keen to please their people and Paige is no exception in this area.  Paige knows the command “sit” and will generally come when called while out in the yard. We recommend Paige’s new family take the time to attend additional obedience and behavior training classes with her.  These classes are beneficial for many reasons, including the bond that is developed between owner and dog during the learning process, easier management, socialization skills are improved, safety of you and your pet, and, last but not least, the fun and knowledge gained by all of you during the process of bonding and training.

Since Paige is a high-energy GSP, she’ll require a regular form of physical exercise to keep her happy and out of trouble brought on by boredom and inactivity.  Daily long walks and time set aside to play fetch will help towards achieving a daily activity goal for Paige.  With proper training and safety in mind, she’d undoubtedly make a great jogging partner for an active runner(s), or even a bicyclist. Paige will truly love being with her family on any outings where she can “get in the groove” and have some fun with her “people pack”.   If there’s another doggy playmate in the home already, Paige will be happy to join him/her as the newest playmate in the group…providing they are compatible in exuberance and size.  Paige may accidentally hurt a dog that’s much smaller than her as she plays a bit on the rougher side.  Here's a  short video of Paige playing with her GSP playmate in her foster home to get a good idea of her playtime personality.

Paige is crate-trained and seems to enjoy the security of her crate when she can’t be with her people.  She sleeps in her crate at night, and if she has trouble relaxing or calming down when playtime is deemed over by her foster parents, she can be crated without incident until she has calmed enough to be out again.  Once Paige is relaxed and out of play mode, she truly loves to cuddle and thinks of herself as a lap dog.  As a matter of fact, her foster mom says one of Paige’s favorite ways to pass time is to be on someone’s lap getting lots of good rubs/pets and being reminded that she’s loved.

So what type of GSP is our little Paige.  We think her foster mom says it best through her words to us. “Paige is an adorable, sweet girl.  She is a very typical, sweet, fun-loving GSP.  She loves to run and play.  She also loves to snuggle.  She is a Velcro dog who enjoys being close to her people.  She is a great little girl who would love to find a family of her own to love.  She has a lot of love to give!”  

There are a lot of idioms that can be used when writing stories about our beloved GSP rescues, and in Paige’s case, one specific idiom comes to mind, with a slight change of spelling to a word to make it more appropriate…”take a “Paige” from our book and do as we do.”  Rescue our adorable, quirky Paige and give her the forever family and home she deserves.  She’s so worthy of a loving family and we hope that’s you.  If so, please complete our online adoption application.  It’s the quickest and best way for us to learn of your interest.

  • Paige is up to date with routine shots and is house trained.
  • Paige is altered.

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FACT:  Heartworm disease, if detected early enough and treated correctly, is CURABLE.

ISR does not refuse to rescue a dog because it is heartworm positive.  Most often, we will not know a dog is heartworm positive until after he/she is in our rescue.  We accept these dogs because we know heartworm disease can be cured; however, it can be costly and the process to cure a dog of this illness is grueling for the dog and their caretaker.  Treatment of a badly infected heartworm dog can cost up to $1,000, but this does not prevent us from making every attempt to cure these deserving dogs and place them in their forever homes.

All of our GSP orphans have faced countless difficulties throughout their journey to us, but heartworm positive dogs have faced even more hardships because they have lived with this disease and fought the hard battle to beat it.  And beat it they have!

Meet Pepper and Jesse...

Both of these GSPs were heartworm positive dogs.  They were successfully treated by ISR, adopted, and are now living happy, active lives.  Read more about Pepper and Jessie on our News and Events page.

ISR prohibits the adoption of heartworm positive dogs that have not been treated and cured; however, at times, we may feature them with our adoptable dogs because one day soon, they will be ready for their forever home and are definitely worthy of your consideration.  Dogs cured of heartworm disease can live happy, high quality lives.  Heartworm disease is very common in the United States, so we are in need of caring adopters like you that are willing to open their home to a dog that has had heartworm disease. We believe our cured heartworm dogs have as much to offer their new adopters as any of our GSPs, and also deserve a chance at a new life.

If you’re unable to consider adopting any of our orphans at this time, but wish to support our efforts, please click this DONATE link for more information.  Thank you for your consideration and assistance.