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Illinois Shorthair Rescue is in the process of rescuing numerous GSPs. In an effort to get their availability out to you as soon as possible, we’ll be listing our newest dogs as Sneak Peeks until we become better acquainted with them and can update their stories.  Be sure to scroll down the page to read all the stories about our rescues.


More about Khloe


Khloe is great with children and other dogs.  She can jump a 4ft. chain link fence so alternative fencing/options are required:  higher fences, Invisible Fence, specific training to address jumping, etc. She befriends any child or person she meets; very happy when meeting children.  Children at least 5 and over are recommended.


Khloe is approximately 6 ½ years old, LOVES to cuddle, and is as sweet as sweet can be.  She’s not a large GSP and she’s beautifully marked with liver on her predominantly white body.  Khloe is great with children and with other dogs; however, we think she’d truly love being an only “pet child” so she could get all the attention; the more, the better for this sweetheart.

While she is fine living with other dogs (3 other dogs in her foster home), she loves to be the center of attention because she adores people.  Khloe is initially shy and warms up over time; therefore, when she is adopted, we want her new family to know and be assured that as Khloe’s trust grows with her new family, little Khloe will evolve into the playful little cuddler her fosters are currently experiencing. Khloe has started to play with her GSP foster sister, and they make the cutest picture when they cuddle together during their down times. Khloe will befriend any child or adult she meets; though, we’ve noticed she actually seems to “glow” when she meets children.

As you can see from her pictures, she loves tennis balls and cuddling with children and/or adults.  It doesn’t take too much to entertain her, either, because she’s found a unique way to entertain herself if she can’t find a playmate.  She has this silly way of throwing the tennis ball for herself so she can run after it.  She simply spins around to toss her ball and then off she goes after it.  Obviously, she believes the saying, “where there’s a will there’s a way!” and she’s certainly found a way. smiley

While Khloe has the cutest face ever with a totally innocent look, don’t let that fool you.  We’ve discovered she has a bit of wanderlust in her blood.  She can jump a 4-ft. chain link fence so alternative methods of yard containment will be required to ensure she stays where she belongs…in her own yard.  A 6-ft fence or an Invisible Fence with appropriate training are some options that may work for her and her new family.

Khloe has the typical GSP prey drive and is very happy to while away her day sitting by a window and watching for intruders…you know what we mean… those little critters that may pose a threat to her people should they decide to mosey into her domain. smiley  She will also go on the hunt when she’s out and about in the yard or on leash walks.  In other words, in the typical GSP manner, small animals beware.  Khloe likes other outdoor activities, too.  She enjoys playing fetch with balls and she eagerly chases her squeaky toys.  Throw in some long walks and/or running and there’s not much she can’t adapt to as far as exercising goes.  Khloe recently showed us how much she enjoys the water.  Check out her swimming skills by watching this video.  She enjoys being active so having an active family will be a big plus for our little cuddler.

Khloe has learned some basic commands and is also crate-trained.  She knows; sit, down, stay, and the give paw commands.  On the downside, however, our Khloe is afraid of storms, fireworks, and loud noises but she has created her own way to get through the worst of these moments.  She looks for her people and cuddles under a blanket when the noise gets to be too much for her.  On the bright side of this, though, Khloe put up with two weeks of very noisy remodeling in her foster home with the continued sounds of nail guns, hammering, drilling, etc.  During this time, she displayed a bit of nervousness/anxiety, but it was manageable, and she quickly got over these tendencies with continued exposure to the various sounds.

If you’ve noticed we’ve used the word “cuddler” quite a bit during our description of Khloe, it’s hasn’t been by accident.  She’s one of the top cuddlers we’ve rescued over the years.  That trait along with her sweet disposition and her eagerness to be with her people…especially children…make our little Khloe a special girl that will adapt well with the right family.  An active family with the patience to allow Khloe to learn to trust you and overcome her shyness…to show you what a happy little cuddler she really is.  

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  • Khloe is up to date with routine shots and is house trained.
  • Khloe is altered.

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More about Bailey


Bailey is an all-around easy keeper with high prey-drive.  Good with other dogs of medium or larger size; she might view smaller dogs as prey.  Not good with cats, but good with kids and people.  Fenced yard for her to run and “hunt”.


Bailey is an 8-year-old black ticked female GSP weighing approximately 75 pounds.  She’s a bit larger for a GSP with a beautiful shiny coat and a shining personality to match.

Bailey is an easy keeper, laid back, and loving!  She LOVES her people, unless there’s a chipmunk or some other creature around.  Then she’s off to the races…or should we say…off to the hunt.  Very high prey drive and as far as she’s concerned, any little animal within her space is fair game for a game of “let’s see if you can outrun me!”  When she’s in the yard she’s constantly checking the perimeter and stalking around hoping to make a surprise attack on some unsuspecting animal.  Luckily, at least for the prey, Bailey isn’t as fast as she probably once was, so more often than not, it’s just a fun game for Bailey.  But not so much for the chipmunks, squirrels, rabbits and cats!  By the way, Bailey isn’t cat friendly. ?

Bailey is a dignified “middle-aged” GSP, but don’t let her age fool you, and don’t be fooled by the writer using “dignified” in this sentence.  Dignified doesn’t mean prim and genteel.  As a matter of fact, she still acts much younger than her age and her energy level is indicative of a younger dog.  She still has plenty of energy and will make anybody who likes a bit of activity a great exercise partner.  She loves having a fenced backyard where she can run.  Leash walks are exciting for her, too, but be sure to hold on firmly when you’re out and about.  She’s a strong girl and if she sees anything that resembles prey, she may bolt and take you along for a bit of jog that you weren’t expecting. wink

Bailey is very healthy because she came from a very loving background and only ended up with ISR because her former owner died suddenly, leaving Bailey orphaned.  sad  However, from all accounts, Bailey’s former owner loved her VERY much and treated her affectionately, kindly, and with great respect.  He adored her as does her foster mom.  Her previous kind and loving treatment shows in her personality.  She absolutely LOVES being with people and is gentle with children.  She’s truly and angel with an extremely sweet disposition and personality.

Bailey loves to run in the yard, but she doesn’t show much interest in dog toys or playing fetch.  She’s a typical Velcro GSP and if she isn’t running in the yard, she’s often found shadowing her foster mom.  Bailey is crate-trained and has never attempted to grab or destroy anything in the house that isn’t hers.  When her fosters must leave the house without Bailey, she shows no separation anxiety.  When they return, they typically find her sitting by the window waiting for them.  Her favorite resting place is on the couch next to her people.

Bailey came to us with some understanding of basic commands and already knows, “sit”, “no”, and “off”.  Full disclaimer here…Bailey doesn’t always seem to understand the concept of “off”.  Or maybe she just doesn’t want to understand because she’s just too excited to see her people and just can’t help herself!  Her foster mom has been working on making Bailey stay off when she’s told and since Bailey is very food motivated, we’re pretty sure her foster mom will have Bailey getting 100% of her “offs” very soon now.

Bailey is such a sweetheart and her foster mom has totally enjoyed having her and watching her as she adapts to this newest “chapter” of Bailey’s Book on Lifesmiley  Even though her foster mom loves having Bailey, she can’t keep Bailey permanently and is hoping someone reading this story realizes Bailey is meant to be their new treasure and will contact us.  We’d love nothing more than to find the right family for Bailey.  A family that will give her all the love and adoration she deserves…the great life she deserves while exploring new adventures she can add as new “chapters” to her book.

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  • Bailey is up to date with routine shots and is house trained.
  • Bailey is altered.

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More about Roseanne (Rosie)


Roseanne, a.k.a. Rosie, is currently a very timid dog and will require gentleness and a lot of patience!  A year-old GSP puppy who needs training and plenty of exercise.  Is currently a “runner” if the door is open and can jump a 4 ft. chain link fence.  Fenced yard is required. Will need total supervision until fully trained to stay in yard and within fenced area.  An active family with previous GSP experience would be ideal.


Roseanne (Rosie) was a year-old on July 25thHAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, ROSIE!  She’s a smaller GSP at 38.2 lbs., but is every bit a busy, active GSP puppy with all the tendencies puppies exhibit.

Rosie gets along well with other dogs, but the larger the dog, the more intimidated and submissive she becomes.  She seems to be adjusting quite well with her foster brother, Chief, as you can see above.  She's trying her hardest to get him to play with her but he seems pretty disinterested!  We’re not sure if she would be good with cats, but she does exhibit a high prey-drive in the yard and on walks.  She happily chases all types of Mother Nature’s smaller living “Rosie toys” when she happens upon them on her outings.  Among her favorite are squirrels, chipmunks, birds, rabbits, gnats, flies, and lightning bugs.  Hmmm, I guess that means anything and everything she finds in her space.  LOL!

Because of Rosie’s timid nature, she naturally reacts in a scared, withdrawn manner when she’s around loud noises and if she’s being corrected with a too loud voice.  Her foster mom even says, “it breaks my heart if I have to raise my voice too loudly to correct Rosie because she just drops whatever she had (that she shouldn’t have) and sulks away with her tail between her legs and finds a place to lie down.” ?At this time, we assume Rosie will react this way if placed in a home with a lot of noise and smaller, loud children; however, we also believe she wouldn’t hurt any children if she’s adopted by a family who has younger kids.  Older children who understand not to run and yell at her would probably be ideal.

Rosie is crate-trained; she’s not thrilled about her crate but will go in if prodded.  Rosie isn’t food motivated, so training her to go inside a crate has been a little bit more of a challenge, but she’s catching on quickly.  And since food motivation isn’t a thing for Rosie, it’s also more of a challenge to train her in basic dog obedience.  No food drive and submissiveness to loud voices = bigger challenges right now when working with Rosie. 

But wait… please don’t be misled by our little Rosie’s story so far!  Rosie is absolutely worth every ounce of energy and love you can shower her with.  You see, even though Rosie has some naughtier puppy tendencies her foster mom has nothing but praise and loving words for Rosie’s true personality.  Rosie’s foster mom says this about Rosie’s personality: “Rosie is so sweet and extremely loving.  She loves to be held and petted while on my lap and is a great snuggler. She doesn’t bark or whine and is calm and quiet for the most part.  And a big plus is she doesn’t counter surf or get in the garbage!”

Rosie is beginning to understand how much fun dog toys and chew toys can be.  She didn’t really know what to do with them when she first arrived, but she’s learned to love her squeaky toys and will toss them and run after them when she’s playing on her own.  As Rosie becomes more confident and secure in her foster home with her foster family, she’s quickly showing signs of being happier and more energetic.  True puppy energy, which of course, brings along puppy “naughtiness”.  If you don’t watch her, just like all puppies, she thinks everything within her reach is a “Rosie toy.”  Items such as shoes, socks, clothes, jackets, and wallets.  Uh-oh.  Hope that wallet was a “just before payday” wallet…pretty empty! smiley

Rosie and her new family will benefit significantly by attending obedience classes together.  Because she isn’t food motivated and is overly sensitive with raised voices and loud noises, her foster family hasn’t spent a lot of time training her yet.  A professional/knowledgeable trainer who understands dogs with a timid and withdrawn personality will be of great benefit to Rosie and her family.  Attending classes, along with additional “homework” outside of class, is also a wonderful way to bond with Rosie and provide her the opportunity to trust her new family.  Oftentimes, puppies and dogs enjoy being a “dog with a mission”, meaning they truly like having mental tasks to undertake, too.  Mental exercises along with an adequate amount of physical exercise (a lot for a puppy like Rosie), will help her new family mold a well-adjusted and happy little Rosie!

Rosie is used to walking on a leash…or should we say running?  Her foster family currently keeps her on a 30’ lead while on walks so she can run while they trot.  Wow…trotting…now that’s commitment by our wonderful, energetic fosters!  LOL!  Obviously, an active family that enjoys running and/or hiking will be a perfect match for Rosie’s energy level.  However, since she is currently a flight risk, having her on a secured lead is currently the best way for Rosie to get running exercise…which she LOVES!

We’re not sure if Rosie’s timid nature is from previous abuse or if this is naturally her personality, but we’re optimistic when she finds her forever home with her very own loving family, she’ll come out of her shell and show more of the puppy happiness she should be enjoying at this time in her life.

We’d like to close with some final thoughts from Rosie’s foster mom.  She has so many good things to say about Rosie, we want to be sure we share most of them with you.  “Rosie is truly an all-around good dog…completely house-broken and crate-trained.  If she has a chew bone, she finds a place where she can quietly chew away and relax.  If we play fetch with her, she’ll run and get the toy it, toss it, and bring it back to us…even though we haven’t really asked her to fetch yet because of her submissiveness.  We just let her play the Rosie way.” smiley

By now, we hope you see Rosie in the same way we do.  A loving, sweet but timid, “total package” puppy who’s a little rough around the edges…a diamond in the rough.  We want everything to be coming up roses for our little Rosie and hope your home will provide that rose garden for her.  She’s absolutely worth it!  If you're interested in this sweet girl, please complete our online adoption application.  It’s the quickest and best way for us to learn of your interest.

  • Roseanne is up to date with routine shots and is house trained.
  • Roseanne is altered.

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About Jesse

PLACEMENT REQUIREMENTS:  Jesse hasn't outgrown his desire to roam, even though we consider him to be a "middle-aged GSP".  He MUST have a fenced yard with his new forever home to ensure he doesn't escape and go on adventures.


Jesse is nine years young and weighs 55 lbs.  He was brought into the sheltler to be euthanized when his owner was moving and counldn't take him with.  Fortunately, the shelter was able to convince the owner to let them contact ISR on their behalf to find a new home for him.  He is now in a loving foster home in Michigan. He is well behaved in the house, housebroken, doesn’t steal food off the counter, doesn’t jump up on you. Jesse is crated trained but doesn't really care for being crated.  He is not destructive, his foster hasn’t seen him chew anything inappropriate.

He mostly comes when called but definitely not if he perceives he is free.  In other words, a real runaway risk and must be leashed or in a fenced area at all times. He tolerates bathing, nails and ear cleaning. He needs some work with walking on a leash; he pulls pretty hard. Jesse shows no signs of food or toy aggression and akes food from the hand very gently.

Jesse gets along well with other dogs in his foster home, likes to play if the other dog wants to, even with the 9 month old puppy in his foster home. There are no cats in his foster home, so it is unknown if he can live with a cat or not. We have not seen him around children but have no reason to think he wouldn’t be fine children of all ages. He is medium energy and has an average prey drive for a GSP, will stalk birds on the ground, doesn’t bark at squirrels in the trees.

Jesse has some adorable personal habits, gives a very sweet head tilt when you talk to him, has a very cute happy tail when he’s getting attention, and has a very cute way of taking a treat-he holds his mouth open and waits for you to put the treat in.

He does seem to have a little separation anxiety, whines when his foster is getting ready to leave and tries to go with but not overly so and doesn't become destructive when left alone. He is always in the company of  other dogs at his foster home, though, so  is never left completely alone.

Jesse has been wearing a cone because he has a lick sore on his front leg that he will fuss with and lick at any opportunity. He also has some lumps and bumps that come with age in many dogs but these all have been examined by a vet and, from a health perspective, nothing needs to be done with them.

He loves taking leash walks and roaming in his foster's large fenced backyard. Friendly, happy but a bit of a worrier, stresses about changes in routines. Even when his foster family is  home he likes to lie at the top of the stairs and watch the door - we aren't sure who he is looking or waiting for.  Like many of our rescues, he has been through a lot of changes and the security of a loving home with set routines will be good for him. 

If you're already interested in this sweet boy or any of our dogs, please complete our online adoption application.  It’s the quickest and best way for us to learn of your interest.

  • Jesse is up to date with routine shots and is house trained.
  • Jesse is altered.

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